Delivering Food, Shelter, and Hope to the Poorest of the Poor.

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We are Endorsed

Cross Catholic Outreach’s support of the missionary efforts of the Catholic Church is endorsed by U.S. Bishops. They encourage parishes to host Cross priests to speak on behalf of our work. These visits give parishes an opportunity to become involved.

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In The News


In February, Bishop Chibly Langlois of Les Cayes, Haiti, became the 215-year-old island nation's first Roman Catholic cardinal. It was a move that surprised many because Langlois was not an archbishop, had not spent much time outside Haiti, and, at 55, is relatively young.

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Our Mission

We are a Catholic ministry that serves the poorest of the poor internationally by channeling aid through dioceses, parishes, and Catholic missionaries, cost-effectively helping the poor break the cycle of poverty while advancing Catholic evangelization.

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