God In Our Office

The team at Cross Catholic Outreach submits our work to God, seeking His inspiration and leading in everything we do. We begin each workday gathered together to focus on our faith and look to our true leader: Jesus Christ. Each morning, a different team member leads the entire staff in prayer and devotions. Alternating inspirational activities fill the rest of the hour.

Our Weekly Breakdown


Mondays we study the Bible together. Because our team hails from a variety of backgrounds and denominations, the discussions are never boring. We value each other’s perspectives as we encourage each other, learn from one another, and strengthen our bonds as brothers and sisters in Christ.


Tuesdays we are privileged to intercede for our friends and supporters. We lift up each individual prayer need shared with us through the mail, through our website or over the phone that week. It is said that “prayer moves the hands of God.” Through prayer, we stay connected to our spiritual mission and to the larger body of Christ — one prayer request at a time. We would be humbled and honored to pray for you, too, and we invite you to submit your prayer request to us right now.
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Wednesdays we learn firsthand from our colleagues in the mission field about the work Cross is doing in a specific country. For those of us who work behind a desk or in a mailroom or a warehouse, these are tangible reminders of why we do the work we do; and those in the field inspire and motivate us to continue to help the poor to the best of our ability and to the glory of God.

Thursday & Friday

Thursdays and Fridays we read and discuss books written by Christian authors and thinkers. Books can be recent bestsellers or theological dissertations written 300 years ago. They might be nonfiction studies of particular topics or fictional allegories that convey spiritual truths. After each reading we engage in a lively discussion about how it applies to our lives and our work.