Share Christ’s Love During Advent

Engage your parish or group in a meaningful outreach that will transform lives.

The gift of a safe home is a life-transforming blessing for a child like Fátima Fernández.

An Advent Outreach to Build Safe Homes

This upcoming Advent, engage your parish or group in a merciful mission to transform lives by providing poor families with strong, stormproof homes! Our program provides reflections, activities and other materials that will help families in your community learn more about global poverty and share Christ’s mercy as they raise funds to address this urgent need.

How serious is this problem?

Around the world, nearly 1.6 billion people live in this kind of inadequate housing – but this is a tragedy we can change!

Last Advent season, Catholic parishes and groups across the U.S. helped provide safe homes for families living in the developing countries of the world. This year, engage your parishioners in a Corporal Work of Mercy that will shelter even more families with safe housing. By standing with partners, U.S. Catholics can transform lives and build a brighter future for the next generation.

Subsistence farmers in Santa Rosa are dependent on rain for their crops — but rain also turns their flimsy houses into muddy, moldy messes.

How We Can Help Your Parish Engage

Cross Catholic Outreach will provide free tools to deepen your parishioners’ Advent observance, educate them about global poverty and equip them to put their faith into action. These tools include:

  • Video: A video is a great way to explain the need and introduce the outreach to your parish.
  • Bulletin Insert: Educate and inspire your parishioners with an insert designed to fit your weekly bulletin.
  • Poster: Put your giving goal on display to increase awareness and participation.
  • Social Media Toolkit: Our sample social media posts will help you engage parishioners online — and show the watching world your commitment to blessing those in need.
  • Advent activity guide: This guide is the perfect opportunity to engage your parish families in the Corporal Works of Mercy, activating compassion toward the poor.

You may also book one of our skilled Outreach Priests to visit your parish, and our helpful development officers are available to support you and answer any questions along the way. Working together, we can ensure the success of your Advent outreach and make a lasting impact for God’s glory!

Impact of a Safe Home

The Maroquin family’s transformation

Nearly 60% of Guatemala’s population lives in poverty, with one in four people earning less than $3.20 a day (CIA World Factbook, The World Bank). More than half of the nation’s people live in rural areas, which often lack access to basic infrastructure such as safe housing. Under these circumstances, the poorest families can only afford to build small, insecure, mud-floor shelters. Their fragile dwellings leave them vulnerable to bad weather, vermin and intruders, and children and the elderly frequently fall ill due to damp and drafty conditions. By raising funds to build safe homes, your parish will bless families with greater security, improved health and a tangible reminder of God’s love.

Umbelina and Julio received a new home in 2017 — and ever since then, their blessings have multiplied! Thanks to God’s mercy working through Catholics like you, this family is touching many more lives with Christ’s love.

A woman stands outside a dilapidated home.


Julio, Umbelina and their children live in a wood and tin shack with walls so weak that dogs climb in to eat their food. Julio works as a day laborer.

A woman and a young child outside a concrete block home.

Early 2017:

Their family is blessed with a safe home by Cross Catholic Outreach.

Late 2017:

They serve as lay Eucharistic ministers and lead home Bible studies. Julio’s dignity is renewed after taking a higher-income meter reader job.


They’re fostering a teenager who attends Catholic school and embraces the faith. The family is thriving!

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In the Diocese of Santa Rosa de Lima, Father Raúl Monterroso stands with the Garcia family in front of their nearly completed home. Help us shelter more families this coming Advent!