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Social Media Posts

Advent Week #1

“Always, always, we have animals crawling around!” Nilson Alvarez is very concerned about the unsafe, unsanitary house he shares with his wife, Deini, and their 3-year-old son in rural Guatemala — and now you can help the Church relieve his family’s suffering! This Advent, our parish can bring joy to the Alvarez family through the gift of a sturdy, concrete home. Donate through the link and include our parish’s name in the memo. #AdventJoy #Guatemala #SafeHomes

Advent Week #2

When it rains, the Morales family places plastic tarps on their roof to keep rainwater from leaking inside. For Guatemalan families, this is an unsafe situation and it places families at risk of accidents and illnesses. With your help, our parish can bless families like theirs with a safe, concrete home this Advent. #AdventJoy #Guatemala #SafeHomes Learn more:

Advent Week #3

A safe home can have a profound impact on the future of a needy child. Just ask the Lopez family. Because of the compassion of Catholic parishes like ours, the three Lopez sisters now have a safe place to study and grow strong. This Advent, our parish’s almsgiving will provide safer homes and build a brighter future for other poor children in Guatemala. Use the link to donate. #Advent #AdventJoy #Guatemala

Advent Week #4

You may be surprised to learn it only costs $10,938 to build a safe, concrete home for a poor family in Guatemala. That’s an incredible impact — and a wise choice for those who want their donation to have a big impact in helping families in need. Our parish has a goal to build # home(s) this Advent, can you help us reach our goal? Shine Christ’s light of hope by helping us build safe homes in Guatemala! #Advent #AdventJoy #Guatemala

Dec. 26, Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

Jesus was born in a humble stable because there was no room for the Holy family in a Bethlehem inn. As a parish, let’s honor Jesus, Mary and Joseph by building safe homes for poor families in Guatemala who have also been forced to shelter in unsafe housing and face challenging circumstances. Click the link to make a tax-deductible gift that will help our parish build homes for poor families. #AdventJoy #Guatemala #FeastoftheHolyFamily

Jan. 1, Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God

A blessed Solemnity and a Happy New Year! Thank you for helping us transform lives in Guatemala though your generosity and prayers. Your support will give poor families a safe place to call home, providing them with a peace and security they’ve never known before. May the heart of our Holy Mother comfort you with all grace and joy. #SolemnityofMary

Extra Social Media Images

Thank You for Transforming Lives in Guatemala!

By unifying parishioners around the challenge of raising funds to build homes, you will give them an opportunity to see Christ’s face in the poor and put faith into action. It is a gift that will transform lives, families and communities in the name of Jesus Christ.