You Welcomed the Poor Home for Christmas!

This past Advent season, you changed the lives of Haiti’s poor families by welcoming them home for Christmas. Your generosity helped build 25 solid concrete homes and repair 60 existing houses for families living in crumbling shacks.

Because of your commitment to providing safe shelter in the name of Christ, families have experienced God’s grace in a tangible way that they will never forget. We pray you enjoy reading about the impact of your generosity!

New Life for the Joseph Family

You Gave Relief From Suffering

When we introduced you to Veronique and Lucanier Joseph and their seven children, they were crammed into a small, stick-and-mud hut with a flimsy roof made of rusted metal sheets. The house flooded every time it rained, soaking everything and everyone inside.

But thanks to your compassion, the Josephs recently moved into a brand-new Kobonal home! Living in a four-room, solid house is an answer to years of prayer and relief from suffering. God bless you for answering the cries of the poor!

The Joseph family's old house.
The Joseph family's old house.
After receiving their new house.
After receiving their new house.

What Your Donation Provided

A Safe Place to Call Home

Construction Details

Your contribution built sturdy, four-room concrete houses with a solid cement foundation, a strong galvanized steel roof, and a small solar panel to provide electricity. Kobonal Haiti Mission also repaired existing homes, helping poor families with necessary maintenance and repairs.

Thank you for providing durable housing for families in need — you helped break the generational cycle of poverty for good!

Thanks to the kindness of parishioners across the United States, Yfanil Pierre and his family have a safe place to call home. This is an example of the type of house the Kobonal Haiti Mission builds.

Our Partner:

Kobonal Haiti Mission

Sharing the Love of Christ With Families in Need

Father Glenn Meaux founded Kobonal Haiti Mission in 1989 to bring the Diocese of Hinche out of poverty and spiritual darkness. As Fr. Meaux shared Christ’s compassion with the poor and needy, a dramatic transformation took place in the hearts and lives of the local villagers.

Mission Success Story

Equipping Families and Leaders for Success

When you welcomed poor families home for Christmas, you empowered a heroic missionary priest — Fr. Glenn Meaux, founder of the Kobonal Haiti Mission. For 30 years, Fr. Meaux and his all-Haitian staff have served poor villagers by providing practical relief programs and spiritual formation in the Diocese of Hinche.

The Mission blesses poor families by providing crucial programs — like new home construction — to bless poor families and equip them for success. Foundational Catholic principles inspire every outreach at Kobonal, bringing villagers together to hear the Word and receive the Blessed Sacrament.

Meet Phanel’s Family

A Family Impacted by Your Support

Phanel Cherizard, his wife, Guerda, and their five young children lived in a small house built out of mud and sticks. Its flimsy roof was made of metal sheets. Thanks to your parish’s generous contribution to Cross Catholic Outreach’s “Homes for Christmas” Advent ministry, Phanel and his wife now live in a safe and sturdy house!

“Thanks to all those who work for the realization of this project, especially for our friends in the United States, Father Glenn Meaux, the donors from Cross Catholic Outreach, and the Mission staff who always help us as a good shepherd guides his flock,” said Phanel.

Thank you for welcoming Phanel and his family home for Christmas!

Before: The Phanel family poses in front of their old house.
Before: The Phanel family poses in front of their old house.
After: The Phanel family are all smiles in front of their new home.
After: The Phanel family are all smiles in front of their new home.

What You Have Accomplished

Over the years, generous parishes across the U.S. have put their faith into action to provide homes like these. Thank you for your support!

Thank You for Sharing the Joy of Advent!

The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who lived in a land of deep darkness — on them light has shined.
Isaiah 9:2

Thank you for celebrating the birth of Christ by sharing the joy our Lord brought into the world! Poor families now have safe and reliable housing — a blessing that has improved their health, quality of life, and prospects for the future.

By providing the gift of safe shelter, you gave families in Haiti firm foundations to build better lives. May God bless you for your compassionate heart! 

Change More Lives!

You can still bless poor families in Kobonal! Your additional gift can help fund other projects at the Mission.

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