God’s creation in full bloom

We didn’t mark its official passing on the blog last month, but spring is upon us as of a few weeks ago! Time for farmers to think about spring planting, children to begin dreaming about summer vacation, and parents to plan a family afternoon outdoors. It’s wonderful to see God’s creation in full bloom!

Spring is also a happy time for Catholics. Easter is just around the corner, a time for celebrating the resurrection of Christ and the power of God on display. As the earth awakens from a long winter, our souls are also awakened and renewed as we prepare for Christ’s death and subsequent resurrection—and the promise of everlasting life in God that comes with it. When our hearts are filled with the joy of Christ, it’s hard not to feel as young and energetic as the baby animals being born around us in nature.

 When we’re in the “full bloom” of Christ, we are just as radiant as his creation in springtime.

When we’re in the “full bloom” of Christ, we are just as radiant as his creation in springtime.

With all of the beauty unfolding everywhere we turn, spring might be one of the most appropriate times of the year to think about what “seeds” we want to plant in our hearts. What fruits do we want to bear? Was last year’s fruit bitter or sweet? Did it yield the spiritual crop we wanted, or do we need to try anew this year? Is the “soil” of our hearts fertile because of Christ?

The words of Galatians 5:21-23 say: “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.” As Catholics, these are the fruits we want to bear in the gardens of our hearts.

How do we plant the right seeds? It all starts with getting back to Christ. He is the purest example of the fruit of the Spirit—we can’t go wrong if we follow him. If we use his teachings as the “soil” in our hearts, then the seeds we plant will have fertile ground to bear good fruit.

As you enjoy God’s creation in its spring glory, remember that you, too, are part of God’s garden. You’re as beautiful as spring flowers when you’re in “full bloom” worshiping him, loving your neighbor as yourself, and following Christ’s example in your daily life. Let’s rejoice in the beauty of God’s world around us and within us in our hearts not only in spring, but all year long!