Success Story!

Haiti needs positive role models, and these young men just might fit the bill.

The team of construction workers recently stopped in at Espwa (Hope) Village to work on a roof.  If it seemed like they knew their way around the place exceptionally well, that’s because they used to live there – along with the hundreds of other orphans and vulnerable children who were rescued from Haiti’s dangerous streets.

After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Cross Catholic helped Espwa launch a new house-building project for families who had lost their homes. The main purpose of the project was to provide safe, sturdy houses that can withstand severe weather and earthquakes; but we also saw it as an employment opportunity for young men who had grown up at Espwa, attended school there, and were ready to begin fending for themselves.

Espwa graduates, now constructing homes for earthquake victims.

Espwa graduates, now constructing homes for earthquake victims.

After receiving hands-on training from American construction workers involved in the project, the men were hired to help build houses, so they could begin earning an income while acquiring valuable work experience.

The plan turned out to be the right one for this team of hardworking young men, who are still building houses for earthquake survivors. Espwa leaders are proud to show off their graduates, and they are happy to have them back at Espwa for a while. Their presence on campus sends a message to the other orphans that, even in Haiti, there is hope if they are willing to work for it.

Thank God – and thank our donors – for more lives changed! As you can see, your gifts to Cross Catholic really do make a difference!

-Tony M.