Merry Christmas from Reencontro!

On a recent visit to one of our ministry partners in Mozambique, Reencontro, our Africa Projects Officer received a letter of thanks that seemed very fitting to share with you during this Advent season. It’s from 17-year-old Carolina, a girl caring for her siblings after their parents passed away.

Carolina’s life was dramatically transformed because of Reencontro’s help, and she wished for us to pass her words along to the many American Catholics like you who helped change her life this year by supporting Cross Catholic. From children on the other side of the world in Africa and from all of us at Cross International Catholic Outreach, Merry Christmas and may you be blessed this season!

Dear friends,

My name is Carolina Sitoe and I am living with my sisters and brothers. We are double orphans and I have the responsibility of taking care of my younger siblings. We deeply and emotionally thank our friends for the support they have provided, mainly the house we live in as a family in comfortable conditions.

We promise you, our friends, that we are not worried anymore. We are focusing on our studies and forming a better future.

Our deepest thanks from the heart,


-Stephanie J.

Carolina Sitoe & her family

Carolina Sitoe & her family