Renewed Hope

With the New Year just around the corner, many of us in the U.S. will be making our lists of New Year’s resolutions. As I contemplate my future hopes to work harder, give more, and worry less, I can’t help but think about a mother and son in rural Ethiopia that showed me what I should really strive for in 2012—a life of thankfulness.

According to his teachers, Kasu Tenesa is a lively five-year-old boy. He gets his spirit from his mother, who still hopes and smiles even after losing her husband and primary source of income. Without an education herself, she struggles to find steady employment. She does what she can—usually helping her neighbors with daily chores—but putting food on the table is not an easy thing.

She feared most for her active son, who she could not afford to send to school on her own. But thanks to Cross Catholic’s support of Shambu Kindergarten, the Tenesa’s have renewed hope and gratitude. 

Thanks to Cross Catholic, Kasu is obtaining a solid Catholic education at Shambu Kindergarten in Ethiopia.

Thanks to Cross Catholic, Kasu is obtaining a solid Catholic education at Shambu Kindergarten in Ethiopia.

Today Kasu is receiving a solid Catholic education and a daily school lunch—two things that before this year would have been impossible. The kindergarten serves 240 other poor children from a remote mountainous village a few hours northwest of Ethiopia’s capital city. Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world, with more than 70 percent of children under the age of 7 never receiving the opportunity to go to school.

So that’s why the Tenesa family goes through life thankful for their blessings. Kasu is a bright and happy student. But even happier is his mother, who now knows her son is receiving nourishing food, education, and will one day have an opportunity for a better life.

“With the help of Cross Catholic, we at the kindergarten are able to provide students like Kasu with basic necessities. As a result, his mother is free to save the money she would normally spend on food and tuition,” said Fr. Alvaro Palacios of the Consolata Missionaries. “Sometimes we help her too so that the whole family improves. The important thing is the way she is so thankful. Because of her grateful heart, anytime, she is ready to help us in the school or help with the other children.”

Praise God for donors like you, who are offering renewed hope to some of Ethiopia’s most desperate children!

-Annie W.