Motivated for change

Meet Sebastian! He’s a 2nd grade student at La Buena Esperanza, a Catholic-run primary school that’s been partnering with Cross Catholic Outreach to serve very poor families in the dusty shantytown of Villa El Salvador, Peru.

Sebastian’s family was among a group that was forced to relocate after being evicted from the property they’d been living on. As a result, he now lives with his sister and mother in Pachacamac, a community that is a significant distance from the school. Nevertheless, he and his sister continue to attend.

The low-cost (or free to those who can’t afford it) education provided at La Buena Esperanza is worth the long journey. The children enjoy going to school, where they benefit from daily nutritious meals and a faith-based learning experience while their mother works fulltime to support them. Sebastian is a cheerful, lively boy who always participates in class, shows leadership and maturity and puts his full effort into doing his homework assignments.

Pray that Sebastian, his sister and all the other children at La Buena Esperanza will continue to be motivated to learn. Pray they will strive for knowledge and excellence and take charge of the future, so their own children will never know the pain of hunger or the fear of homelessness.

-Tony M.

Sebastian is a high achiever at La Buena Esperanza.

Sebastian is a high achiever at La Buena Esperanza.