Hail, Christ our King!

Where are the borders of Christ’s kingdom? Are they racial? National? Planetary? Galactic? It seems absurd to try to place any limit on Christ’s reign.

When we say his kingdom is “not of this world” (John 18:36), we’re not putting God in a box – we’re putting this world in a box and confessing that heaven is supreme. We’re confessing that God has given all space, all time, all matter, all human affairs into Christ’s possession forever. He rules a “world without end.”

This coming Sunday is the Feast of Christ the King, a time for Catholics to meditate on the triumphant Savior, resurrected, glorified and reigning from his heavenly throne. In this secular age, it’s important to remember that Christ truly is King and that he has something relevant to say about how we live our daily lives. Because he reigns, we have forgiveness from sin. Because he reigns, we must love our enemies, defend the widow and the orphan, and serve the poor in Christ’s name. We can cross any border and go into any place – no matter how remote, how poor, how marginalized or forgotten – and say with conviction, “God is in control. God hears your prayers. The kingdom of heaven is near!”

Christ our King!

Christ our King!

That’s a good description of the holistic ministry model we try to follow at Cross Catholic Outreach. Our commitment to integrating faith and works of mercy is an acknowledgment that we dwell within Christ’s kingdom. Nothing we do is outside his domain. He possesses all authority, and he invites the poor and the outcast to be called children of God.

-Tony M.