Legacy of Hope

Rosita Bernard is a teacher at Kobonal Haiti Mission’s school in Haiti’s Central Plateau. She is also a former student. In fact, many of the Mission’s 62 teachers were previous students. Rosita arrives early to school every morning to read the Bible and pray with her fellow teachers. This fellowship keeps her focused on the importance of her role in her students’ lives. I was able to sit down with her recently to learn more about the ministry and the vision she has for her students. Here is what she had to say:

The Mission has been a great help to me throughout my life. My father passed away when I was three months old and my mother always struggled to raise me and my five brothers and four sisters.

Rosita Bernard and students Rosita Bernard and students

Growing up, I had to walk two hours every day to come to this school. It was four hours roundtrip. But when I was going to school here, I came to the realization that I have a great love for children. I was given an opportunity for an education and I wanted to use that to teach others. The Mission helped provide financial assistance so I could eventually go to university. After I finished my education, I came straight here to teach.

Now, I would like my students to advance in life and hold a good role in society. I want them to study, study, study, so I encourage them greatly to be present and take school seriously. I teach them that the Mission is giving them the tools they need to grow – so use them and do good with them.

The Mission is more than the school. If the Mission was not here, life would be extremely hard. People would have no water, no food and no houses to sleep in. The presence of the Mission has allowed many kids, including me, to go to school. The Mission is giving people an opportunity for the best life.

-Annie W.