Seeds of Hope

10-year-old Judeline Vincent is one of 300 orphaned and vulnerable children benefiting from the Cross Catholic-supported Seeds of Hope program, a medical and holistic outreach in rural Lahoye, Haiti. Judeline and her mother live a day-to-day existence, barely surviving in a dilapidated shack on one meal a day.

Despite these circumstances, Judeline says: “We put our hope in God every day.”

And she says the help she receives through the Seeds of Hope program has bolstered this hope and increased her faith. Seeds of Hope provides her with health care, an education, food assistance, psychosocial support and spiritual formation. 

We put our hope in God every day We put our hope in God every day

The medical attention she receives has increased her weight gain and overall levels of growth. In turn, this has improved her academic performance and allowed her to be involved in more social activities, such as sports and church groups.

“Through this program, I am beginning to taste life,” she says. “Now I enjoy every day. I have new friends. I am no longer in misery because I feel appreciated and valued like other children.”

-Annie O.