St. Thomas the Apostle - Patron Saint of India

Early Patristic literature and Christian tradition speak of St. Thomas the Apostle bringing the Christian faith to India. According to these writers, he landed at the port of Mylapore and baptized several Jewish converts there. Kerala, the most Christian part of India, claims him as the Apostle who first preached the good news to the ancient people there.

Not much is known historically about St. Thomas the Apostle, but he is revered by the Christian church all over India and by Hindus and Moslems as well. Tradition claims that St. Thomas the Apostle began his working life as a merchant and that he took care of the material needs of the people while preaching the gospel. This combination of word and action gave credibility to his preaching. People not only heard the good news, but they also saw powerful evidence of its life-transforming power. In St. Thomas, they encountered a faith filled man committed to God and willing to serve selflessly and compassionately for the benefit of others.

St. Thomas the Apostle

St. Thomas the Apostle

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-Father Ron M.
Guest Blogger