Finding your place in God’s story

Amigos for Christ’s headquarters includes a unique Story Board. It’s a space for the Nicaraguan ministry’s hardworking American volunteers to write a few words about their life-changing experience serving the poor.

One visitor wrote: “’Come to me, all who thirst,’ Jesus said. This week I saw God’s kingdom in Spirit and Truth!”

Another: “Thank you, Abuelo, for showing me the face of God. May you live on this earth long enough to see your grandchildren bathing in clean water. May you live forever in the hands of Christ, your Savior and mine.”


And another: “I learned how I want to live at home – HERE! Simple. Humble. Caring. Giving. Loving. Thankful. With God on the throne.”

“This is God’s story…” the board declares in large print, inclusive of all who scribble their reflections across the giant white canvas. What an awesome reminder that we all have a part to play in the Lord’s unfolding plan. Each one of us, rich or poor, bears his image on our souls and is living out his divine narrative of redemption for the world.

At Cross Catholic Outreach, we strive to never lose sight of God’s grand story, whether we are building Amigos for Christ water systems in Nicaragua, feeding hungry children in Africa or bringing medical care to the sick in Haiti. Whatever challenges we face, we know the final chapter has already been written. Our story, your story, the poor’s story, ends with perfect peace at Christ’s throne of mercy.

-Tony M.