This is Weetherson Pierre

This is Weetherson Pierre, a nursing student I met on a recent mission trip. As a scholarship recipient of the Haitian Education Leadership Program (HELP), a CCO-sponsored program at the University of Notre Dame-Haiti, the country’s only Catholic university, Weetherson is not only a straight-A student, he is required to live by principals that are firmly rooted in Christian doctrines.

I saw an incredible example of this when I talked to the young man and discovered that he, on his own, started a prayer group at the university. I asked him further about it and he told me a story that blew my mind.

“We started in a classroom and the first day there was 4 students,” he said. “Word got around, and after one week, we had grown to 30 students. After one month, 50 students. The Dean was so happy, he offered his support and we got a bigger space. Now after one semester, we are reaching out to the community. The Bishop has offered his support, and we are distributing food to the poor, and praying with the people. It’s a balance of education and faith. It’s part of what we learn at HELP.”

This kid inspired me so much. Whenever I am in the field and I hear a story like this, it makes me proud that Cross is helping a young man like this. I think of Jeremiah 29:11, and I know God has great plans for Weetherson Pierre. I am so proud that Cross is helping to fulfill them.

Weetherson Pierre