Miracles Amidst Disaster

Cross Catholic Outreach recently received an update from Catherine, a staff member who lives in Houston. Even in the midst of this heartbreaking disaster, She reported that God is moving among his people and working miracles to accomplish great things.

Hello Cross family!

I want to give you all an update from Houston. We are safe at my husband’s parents’ house, but we think our home is flooded, and we won’t be able to get back there to learn more until the waters recede. Praise the Lord that our friend on a jet ski rescued us when he did!

We were flooded out because we live downstream of the nearby Addicks Reservoir, and officials felt it was best to do a controlled release of the water so that there wouldn’t be an even greater catastrophe if the dam was breeched. Because they are still releasing that water, we probably won’t be able to assess the damage for at least another week, so the only way to get to our home is by boat or jet ski. There’s good news for us personally: By God’s grace, even though we don’t live in a technical “flood zone,” we have flood insurance! 

In all this chaos, the people of Houston are amazing, and so are the people who are coming to help from around the country. The churches here are working together and in partnership with the local government agencies and organizations. It’s been incredible to watch people put aside their differences and make a positive impact on a community that has been devastated. 

An example of how God is working miracles: A friend of ours took his small boat out to rescue people at the beginning of the week. His team rescued a man who was in such distress that he had a heart attack. As they rowed to dry ground, a member of the rescue team gave the man chest compressions while the rest of the team prayed aloud in Jesus’ name God would save the man’s life. When they got the man to dry land, an ambulance came, and as they loaded the man into the vehicle, the paramedics yelled, “We have a pulse!” That man is safe and on the road to recovery now. Isn’t that the coolest story? God is working!

Here are my prayer requests: Pray that the Christians of Houston can use this as an opportunity to reach out to our neighbors and further the Gospel. Also, pray that people who aren’t as fortunate as we are, especially those in low-income situations, get connected with the help they need to recover. 

Thank you again, your continued prayers and support is fueling Houston right now!

In Christ,


If you want to be part of God’s work in Houston, click here to help Cross Catholic Outreach send supplies to victims of Hurricane Harvey.