At First Glance: A Newcomer’s Impression of Cross Catholic Outreach

As a new writer at Cross, a few things have quickly become clear:

  • This is a family. Every member of the family matters. Every person connected with Cross – whether staff, ministry partner or mission partner – is connected in Christ.
  • This family is united under one Father. While various Christian denominations are represented here, everyone is drawn together through a common faith in Christ and a dependence on God. In morning staff devotionals, various voices bring uniquely thought-provoking insights to the table while maintaining a central focus on Christ’s life, death and resurrection. These core beliefs guide our work, reminding us of the love we’ve been given and should be ready to give to others in return.

  • Cross makes the most of everything it has been blessed with. During my interview process, President Jim Cavnar spoke of Cross’ commitment to remaining accountable and honoring God and its partners by putting every resource toward its intended purpose. As I look around, each space is used well and promotes productivity on behalf of the poor.
  • The poor are at the forefront of everyone’s minds. In their hearts, through their words and even on the walls of their offices and cubicles, staff members consistently remind themselves of the mission – to serve the poor both physically and spiritually. One whiteboard reads, “Does it benefit the poor?” Down the hall, there is a photo montage of diverse faces on the wall – some smiling, others not. All are people Cross is working to help in developing countries like Haiti, Guatemala and Kenya. Scripture and displays like these make it impossible to forget the poor. They are why we are here.
  • Cross leaders care more about the Gospel and the poor than they do about their own livelihoods. Within my first few hours on the job, I was told: “Cross wants to work itself out of existence.” The team wants to work so well and effectively that all poverty is alleviated and there is no reason to continue the mission. This ambitious goal is not conveyed with conceit, but with confidence in God and a tireless commitment to serving as long as it takes.
  • People are genuinely happy to be here. Smiles abound. When you believe in the work you do and can partner with believers around the world working to achieve the same goals, it makes all of the difference in the world. There is joy in building up the broken and strengthening the Body of Christ!
  • I am grateful for the opportunity to work with a staff and partners so united in purpose. To all who take part in giving or serving for the benefit of the poor, know that you are joined in prayer and part of the Cross Catholic Outreach family.