Pope Francis Prays for People with Economic Responsibility

This month, Pope Francis is requesting intercession for those who possess economic power – and who, therefore, have a greater economic responsibility to the poor. He urges the Church to pray that businesses, politicians and other leaders would prioritize human beings above profits.

How Cross Catholic Outreach is making an Impact

As the Church, we too possess great economic responsibility. God has entrusted us with resources that we must steward with wisdom, compassion and generous charity. Cross Catholic Outreach partners with like-minded individuals, businesses, parishes and Catholic ministries to bless those who are suffering beneath a heavy burden of poverty. For every donation we receive, 90 percent goes directly to our in-country ministry partners, and 10 percent goes to any administrative costs related to those projects. We pray for our donors weekly, and we value transparency at each level, striving to honor God with every gift given.