A Unique Chance to Show Poor Children They are Loved this Christmas

Little Alex’s expression is blank when you ask him about his wish list for Christmas. He knows what Christmas is, he has faith in Christ, but he’s never received a Christmas gift. His family is too poor. So he’s never worn a new shirt. Never owned a picture book or a toy. For Alex, those small joys have been out of reach.

To bless Alex and thousands of other children like him, Cross Catholic Outreach created the Box of Joy program. Box of Joy gives American Catholics the opportunity to share the hope and joy of Christmas with the poorest children we serve.

Christmas may seem a long way off, but our Box of Joy program is already ramping up for 2018. We need mission partners like you to take part. Will you help get your parish or school, or just your family, involved?

The program allows you to join members of your parish or school in packing and delivering personalized gifts to poor children who would otherwise receive nothing. The Christmas gifts you send will have a profound impact on a child like Alex. You’ll be showing them that they have value and reason for hope.

That message is as meaningful as the gift itself. A child who feels loved is often transformed, becoming a stronger person through the experience. And families like yours who pack the boxes here in the U.S. are also blessed. Children and grandchildren who participate develop a charitable heart and a greater sensitivity to those in need.

Many across the U.S. have already demonstrated their willingness to participate in the program, but we need more help. Working together, we can make sure tens of thousands of children, who might otherwise miss Christmas, celebrate all the joy of the season. Help us reach more children like little Alex by helping through our hope-filled Box of Joy program.

Together we can make this coming Christmas the most joyful ever for thousands of children in need! It’s easy (and fun!) to get your school or parish involved in the Box of Joy program.