Fr. Clement interacting with school children in Ghana

Ghana Schools Give Children Hope for the Future

In October 2018, a severe thunderstorm blew the kindergarten’s roof off its rafters, causing severe water damage to the classroom interiors. This tragedy was devastating to the community that considers St. Theresa’s Kindergarten one of the best schools in northern Ghana.

The kindergarten building has not been used since the incident, and all kindergarten children are holding classes in the adjacent St. Theresa’s Primary School. Cross Catholic Outreach has funded the rebuilding of the roof. With support from the Catholic community in the U.S., we will witness the kindergarteners returning to their classroom.

Fr. Clement is thrilled about the ways St. Theresa’s Kindergarten expresses the Gospel to children and ignites the love of Jesus Christ that can live on in future generations. Through our collaboration with Fr. Clement., we are further expanding Catholic education in the Tinga parish by building four new schools, scheduled to open next school year. Cross Catholic Outreach is committed to collaborating with the Catholic Church to promote integral human development throughout the developing world.