Put Box of Joy® on Your Calendar Now!

In 2018, Catholics united through the Box of Joy ministry to send Christmas gifts to over 58,000 children in developing countries. For many, a Box of Joy — filled with toys, clothing, school supplies, a rosary and the Story of Jesus — was the first Christmas gift they ever received. Box of Joy provides teachers, parish leaders and other Catholic groups with a unique opportunity to give their students and parishioners a simple and tangible service experience that has a material and spiritual impact on children living in poverty. Participating in Box of Joy is fun and simple.

The project leader from your organization registers your group and the number of children you want to reach.


Cross Catholic Outreach sends materials and directions for a successful faith-in-action activity.


In October, your group shops for gifts and packs your Boxes of Joy.


Boxes of Joy are delivered to an area drop-off center during Box of Joy Week, Nov. 2-10.

5.) SHIP:

Cross Catholic Outreach ships your Boxes of Joy around the world, directly to the children.

6.) BLESS:

Thousands of children are blessed by your love and generosity.