Preparing for the Third Annual World Day of the Poor

Pope Francis established World Day of the Poor in 2017 as part of his ongoing mission to further focus the Catholic Church on service to the poor. This November, the message of the Holy Father for the third annual World Day of the Poor is for Catholics to embrace those trapped in poverty.

He writes, “Brothers and sisters, I encourage you to seek, in every poor person whom you encounter, his or her true needs, not to stop at their most obvious material needs, but to discover their inner goodness, paying heed to their background and their way of expressing themselves, and in this way to initiate a true fraternal dialogue.”

Pope Francis goes on to say, “The poor need our hands, to be lifted up; our hearts, to feel a new the warmth of affection; our presence, to overcome loneliness. In a word, they need love.”

Since our founding nearly 20 years ago, Cross Catholic Outreach has strived to not just meet the immediate material needs of the suffering but also to contribute to their spiritual development. Our focus is on integral human development, and our work with Catholic missionaries around the world is always conducted under the supervision of the local Catholic bishop.

Our work is one of solidarity with the poor and collaboration with the Church to contribute to the charitable work of the Holy Father. World Day of the Poor will be observed on November 17, 2019, on the 34th Sunday in Ordinary Time.