Happy mother and her child

Impact: Ethiopia’s Brothers of Good Works Community-Based Rehabilitation Program

Veronika Besufikadi, 5, was born with hydrocephaly, a condition that causes fluid buildup in the brain. She’s had three surgeries to address her neck and vision problems, and she has struggled with walking. For her and other children of poor families in the East African country of Ethiopia, access to medical care and treatment is limited, if not non-existent.

The Brothers of Good Works, located in the Archdiocese of Addis Ababa, established the Counseling and Social Services Center to help families in challenging circumstances become empowered and stand on their own. Cross Catholic Outreach donors support their work to provide care for children like Veronika and their mothers in impoverished areas of Addis Ababa.

Thanks to the contributions of faithful Catholics, Veronika participated in the Brothers of Good Works rehabilitation program for six months and was later able to enroll in school. Her mother, Bayune, has also received training in physiotherapy and basic business skills, school transportation assistance, help with school fees and milk for therapeutic feeding. All of this is a tremendous help to Bayune who had to quit her job to become a full-time caregiver for Veronika. Thanks to the business skills training she’s received, she’s able to sell clothes on the side to support her family.

“Without the Community-Based Rehabilitation Program, I would not be doing anything,” said Bayune. “Before, I used to look for someone to help. I was begging. I am no longer dependent. I can buy what my child needs.”

The generosity of our donors is giving this family new hope! Veronika continues to make progress with goals to prevent further disability, to enable her to feed herself, and to train and develop her muscles. We’re pleased to report that Veronika is now walking on her own!

“Thank you. May God bless you!” Bayune said.

Your Support Continues to Help Children Like Veronika

Cross Catholic Outreach donors have demonstrated servanthood to the poor in incredible ways. The generosity of people like you feeds the hungry, cares for orphaned and vulnerable children, delivers safe water, and heals the sick, like Veronika.

Your support helps our ministry partners, like the Brothers of Good Works in Ethiopia, serve as the hands and feet of Christ. With your help we can continue our mission to transform the poor and their communities for the glory of Jesus Christ.