Cross Catholic Outreach donors Terry and Cindi Ruder (center) visit the home of Marta (right) a community leader in the village of Los Hornitos, alongside CCO Travel Ministry Trip Leader Fernando Marquez (farthest left), Father Raúl Monterroso (left), and CCO President and CEO Jim Cavnar (farthest right).

Donors Share Inspirational Visit to Santa Rosa, Guatemala

When Terry and Cindi Ruder visited the Diocese of Santa Rosa de Lima last year, they saw poverty – as well as incredible signs of hope. Even in one of the most destitute areas of Guatemala, the Ruders saw the fruits of their generosity and the restoration of dignity among the poor.

“Santa Rosa was an inspirational visit to us,” said Cindi Ruder, of Houston, Texas. “You see the people, you see the stress they live under, the poverty that they live in daily… But then you see the hope that comes from seeing people care for them. So in visiting those areas we were able to see the real impact it had on the people that live there.”

Terry and his wife Cindi have supported Cross Catholic Outreach for a number of years. Their faithful and generous giving has allowed our ministry to make significant material and spiritual change in impoverished places like Santa Rosa.

While struck by the material change in Santa Rosa – including the clean water project and safe housing initiatives – the Ruders were touched by spiritual transformation, as evidenced by the faith and devotion of the villagers.

“It is just something that is very inspiring for us – spiritually – and knowing that we have people praying for us every day just as we are praying for them,” said Terry.

Added Cindi, “We were really impacted by the way they share their faith. They kind of epitomize what it means to be a Christian and that makes you want to be a better person yourself. So we are hoping that other people have the same heart that we have for those in need and be able to help in this new campaign for this fall.”

Witnessing Joy in Santa Rosa

When we respond to God’s generosity, lives are transformed. Cross Catholic Outreach donors Bill and Cynthia Pressprich responded to God’s generosity in their lives by contributing to the transformation of Santa Rosa. In visiting the diocese, Bill and Cynthia were touched deeply by what they saw, including witnessing the incredible joy of the people in the midst of poverty.

In Santa Rosa, Bill and Cynthia Pressprich saw the challenges of extreme poverty but also the fruits of their faithful giving reflected in the community’s ongoing transformation and the immense joy in the villagers’ faces. In transforming Santa Rosa, donors like Cynthia and Bill are essential. Their generosity and heart for Santa Rosa’s poor facilitates our mission to defeat poverty and bring the people into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

You Can Help Transform Lives in Santa Rosa

Cross Catholic Outreach is working to transform lives in Santa Rosa – an area that has trapped generations of villagers in the clutches of poverty. Children are chronically malnourished, women and girls spend precious time gathering water from unsafe sources, and economic opportunity is hard to come by. Thanks to our compassionate donors, we are working with the diocese to bless the poor with safe homes, clean water, a Catholic education, and agriculture programs to promote self-sufficiency and strengthen Christ’s presence in the region.

To help fund the transformation of Santa Rosa, please donate today.

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