Children in Kobonal smiling at the camera.
Students from the Kobonal Mission School, which provides 1,260 children with daily meals and high-quality Catholic education.

Missionary Outreach to Haiti

In a region of great need, the Kobonal Haiti Mission shines as a beacon of hope. For 30 years, its founder, a Catholic priest, has worked tirelessly in this remote farming community to care for the poor. In Haiti, nearly three in five people live below the poverty line.

Kobonal was once called “the darkest corner of the Diocese of Hinche.” Many families lived in flimsy shacks and drank contaminated water gathered from nearby streams. Lacking electricity, clean water, sanitary latrines, and decent educational or professional opportunities, they felt hopeless. When the priest and his missionary team arrived in Kobonal in 1989, he was heartbroken by the poverty he witnessed. In the years that followed, he established a Catholic community to address the local poverty — and his mission has since become a source of hope in the diocese. Kobonal Haiti Mission also addresses the spiritual needs of the community through integral human development, which empowers the people to be self-sustaining. The priest has helped build a strong Catholic community of faith where there was once superstition and voodooism.

Since 2004, Cross Catholic Outreach has supported the Kobonal Haiti Mission. Over the years, this partnership has helped hundreds of families by building safe and resilient homes, providing clean water and sanitary latrines, offering agricultural assistance to make the families’ sources of income more sustainable for the future, and ensuring educational opportunities and spiritual formation.

Kobonal Haiti Mission was also the first recipient of the Box of Joy® program. The Box of Joy program blesses children with gift boxes, which are collected in the U.S. during Advent and the Christmas season. These boxes bring joy into the lives of the children who oftentimes have little to celebrate.

The founding priest expressed his commitment in this way: “Once I was exposed to the poverty and saw the children in the streets, I fell in love with the country. I fell in love with the poor.” Cross Catholic Outreach continues its strong commitment to the Kobonal Haiti Mission and believes this partnership is a source of the Lord’s mercy and compassion in the lives of the poorest of the poor.

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