Global Ministries of Mercy to At-Risk Children

COVID-19 has created a lot of fear and uncertainty around the world, and some of our overseas partners have faced the same — if not greater — challenges.

In the midst of our own country’s overwhelming circumstances, it would have been easy to forget about the many orphans and vulnerable children in developing countries, where hunger skyrocketed as lockdowns took effect. But this did not happen. Thanks to our Lord, the compassionate response by our donors shows that Catholics have not forgotten about these precious children or their needs!

Our ministry partners around the world have developed wonderful programs to care for children raised in deep poverty. Your support empowers their efforts and motivates them to push further on behalf of the children. Especially during challenging times like these, your encouragement is a real blessing.

In the Gospels, Jesus demonstrates that children are precious to God — so precious that he put them in the spotlight when his disciples tried to dismiss them. Our Lord said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs” (Matthew 19:14). By supporting missions serving orphans and vulnerable children, you play a crucial role in the Church’s mission to declare the love of Christ to those who need it most.

Rainbow House in Haiti shares Christ’s love with orphans and provides an enriching environment in which to overcome the stigma of HIV/AIDS.

Ministering to Children With HIV/AIDS

Ministry Partner Profile: Rainbow House in Haiti

Rainbow House in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, is a ministry serving 33 children orphaned or infected by HIV/AIDS. This orphanage cares for these children with the same compassion as was exhibited by Christ, while helping remove the HIV/AIDS stigma still prevalent in Haiti.

For these children, the disease is always in the back of their minds. They fear what it will cost them and what others will think when they find out. To help them work through these complex issues, the orphanage has wonderful counselors who help the children cope with their illness and recognize their worth in God’s eyes.

Rescuing Children From Dangerous Streets and Garbage Dumps

Ministry Partner Profile: Casa Niño Esperanza in Guatemala

In Guatemala, the Sisters of Providence minister to children in Guatemala City’s dangerous Zone 3 neighborhood. In this part of the city, violence lurks at every turn. Because of the influence of street gangs, families suffer from dysfunction, and the poor survive by picking through the garbage dumps. If not for the sisters’ ministry at Casa Niño Esperanza, many of these boys and girls would continue down this destructive path indefinitely.

Courageous Catholic servants have been able to intercept precious children and invite them away from the garbage dump and the dangerous city streets. Your support empowers the sisters to welcome these children into their well-kept facility for nutritious meals, helpful tutoring, meaningful enrichment classes and priceless spiritual formation.

6 year-old Isaac in Guatemala
Isaac, 6, lives with his nine siblings in a crumbling house in Guatemala City.

One child, Isaac, 6, lives with his nine siblings in a crumbling house near the dump. His single mother collects plastic bottles to sell in order to feed the children, but doing so doesn’t afford much. Isaac was once malnourished, but thanks to the nutrition he received at Casa Niño Esperanza, his weight has normalized and now he’s excelling in school.

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Looking Forward to Independence and a Better Future

Ministry Partner Profile: St. Ann’s Home in Guyana

Generous Cross Catholic Outreach donors like you help to provide 25 girls with nutritious meals, educational support, counseling and a safe place to live at St. Ann’s Home in Georgetown, Guyana.

One of the girls receiving these blessings is Marrianny, 15, who was found wandering the streets with her sister. The girls formerly lived with a shop owner who mistreated them, using Marrianny for free labor.

Marrianny, 15, is one of 25 girls in St. Ann’s Home that your generosity supports
Marrianny, 15, is one of 25 girls in St. Ann’s Home that your generosity supports.

In her own words, Marrianny writes: 

“When I came here to St. Ann’s, I felt very good because I was taken out of a bad situation. I was happy for myself and my sister. I felt free. We were treated as human beings. We got good clothes and good accommodations (a good bed to sleep in), and we were able to go to school, where we can elevate ourselves for higher education. We can look forward to a better future where we can be independent one day. St. Ann’s is a blessed home that helped us mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally.”

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Girls living at the rescue center participate in fun activities together. In this photo, the girls have just completed a hike.
Girls living at the Marie Adelaide Girls’ Rescue Center participate in fun activities together. In this photo, the girls have just completed a hike.

Hannah's Testimony of Mercy and Hope Restored

Ministry Partner Profile: Marie Adelaide Girls’ Rescue Center in Kenya

In the East African country of Kenya, Hannah Naserian’s life was a nightmare. Her parents were nomads and often traveled many miles to find new pasturelands for their animals. Each morning, she awoke at 4 a.m. to cook for her brothers before tending to her flocks all day.

Hannah learned she would soon undergo female genital mutilation (FGM) and marry an old man she had never met. At only 11 years old, Hannah felt that her life was over.

Then, Hannah met Father John Fortune and was admitted to the Marie Adelaide Girls’ Rescue Center. In one month’s time, Hannah was learning to read and write. Now she is at the top of her class in school! She is also very prayerful and joyfully participates in parish activities. In a final happy development, the center was able to locate Hannah’s mother, and the two have been successfully reunited.

This family’s tragic story has turned into a testimony of mercy and restored hope — all made possible through our donors’ support of this important project!

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Your Support Brings Love, Comfort and Hope to Orphans and Vulnerable Children

These stories are all testaments to what is accomplished when compassionate Catholics like you put Jesus’ love into action. By joining with Cross Catholic Outreach, you enable our ministry partners around the world to meet critical needs and transform the lives of poor children.

Please — invest in a child’s life today, to build a better world tomorrow!

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