Student in Vieri, Ghana, pumps water at well.
Student in Vieri, Ghana, pumps water at well.

Saving Lives and Restoring Faith by Providing Clean Water in Ghana and Malawi

In Ghana and Malawi, many families have suffered for years — sometimes generations — without access to safe water and sanitation. Waterborne diseases have damaged their health, and the crushing burden of water scarcity has often stolen their hope.

In a merciful answer to prayer, you helped relieve this burden by providing nine wells and six sanitation blocks. Your compassion transformed a total of 11,115 lives! People like Anifatu Dong are giving thanks for the blessings God has brought to their lives through you.

The Diocese of Wa, Ghana, and the Diocese of Karonga, Malawi, have been working hard to meet the needs of the poor in their communities. By partnering with us to support Wells of Salvation, you have equipped these devoted Catholic leaders to quench thirst, strengthen faith and transform lives.

Community Transformation in Action


Unclean water sources teem with bacteria, parasites, feces and other contaminants that make people sick.


Families cannot grow enough food without safe water, and waterborne diseases prevent children from absorbing critical nutrients.


Water collection consumes so much time that families have limited quality time together.

Community Development

Improvement projects, such as repairing crumbling homes, are impossible without ample water for construction.


Children often miss school to collect water, and waterborne diseases prevent them from attending consistently.

Spiritual Formation

Weary families have little time or energy for attending Mass and tending to their faith formation.

Anifatu Dong at well in Nyugluu, Ghana
In Nyugluu, Ghana, Anifatu can finally collect water and arrive to school on time.

Access to Water Improves Education in Ghana

Now that Anifatu Dong has easy access to safe water, she has more time to focus on her studies and is giving thanks for you!

Anifatu, 14, is a student living in Nyugluu, Ghana. She is a leader among her peers, committed to accomplishing ambitious goals and helping her family improve their situation. Sadly, the challenge of water scarcity has often threatened Anifatu’s dreams. Even if she left before dawn to collect water, the chore typically made her late for school.

Anifatu leaned on her faith for support — and, through you, God answered her prayers for water. Now she arrives to class on time, eager and ready to learn!

Christina Malanga (left) has already seen her children’s health improving.
Christina Malanga and a neighbor collect water from the well in Labani Village, Malawi

Clean Water Promotes Health in Malawi

Christina Malanga was born and raised in Labani Village, Malawi. Finding water was a daunting challenge — until you stepped forward to change her life!

Christina spent years drawing water from unprotected wells and polluted rivers — the only sources available in Labani Village.

“The only available boreholes were miles away,” she said. “We now realize why we had so many cases of waterborne diseases like diarrhea … especially among children under 5.”

Christina’s family often spent their limited income on hospital visits — but now her three children are free from waterborne sicknesses! With a deep, clean well, they are healthier than ever before.


The Priceless Gift You Gave Relieving the Water Crisis in Ghana and Malawi

Families in Ghana and Malawi no longer suffer from thirst or waterborne diseases — a miracle made possible through your compassion. Your gift provided priceless Wells of Salvation and blessed more than 11,000 lives. Thank you for sharing Christ’s mercy by lifting the burden of water scarcity and empowering communities to build a brighter future.

Donations from this campaign will be used to cover any expenditures incurred through June 30, 2024, the close of our ministry’s fiscal year. In the event that more funds are raised than needed to fully fund the project, the excess funds, if any, will be used to meet the most urgent needs of the ministry.