Kenyan children wearing Cross Catholic Outreach shirts.
Thank you for delivering 20 years of blessings around the world, including to children at the Saint John Bosco Rehabilitation Center in Kitale, Kenya!

What Cross Catholic Outreach Has Achieved in 20 Years of Serving the Poor

Cross Catholic Outreach launched in 2001 with a very ambitious goal in mind: to empower the Church’s global efforts to break the cycle of poverty in developing countries by providing material and spiritual support to families with the greatest needs. Since then, U.S. Catholics have stood with us to lift up the poor and vulnerable in more than 85 countries, providing $3.3 billion in total aid and transforming thousands of lives.

Pope Francis has recognized Cross Catholic Outreach’s 20 years of service by imparting an Apostolic Blessing on our ministry and benefactors. As an official Catholic ministry, we can’t thank you enough for the vital role you have played in this mission of mercy. Read on to hear from some of the people around the world blessed by your generosity and compassion.

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Meet Families We’ve Blessed in Guatemala, Haiti and Kenya

You’ve Blessed Poor Families in Guatemala Through Community Transformation

Cross Catholic Outreach works closely with Church partners in Guatemala, including Bishop Pablo Vizcaino Prado of the Diocese of Suchitepéquez-Retalhuleu. There, we have helped implement community transformation programs addressing the rural area’s critical need for food and clean water.

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Left: Catarino Solis, grandfather and community leader in Nuevo Bracitos, Guatemala.
Right: Dina Recinos, mother of two in Japon Nacional B, Guatemala.

“I thank God and Cross Catholic Outreach, who have been with us and all who have been lonely. I had always heard the word ‘solidarity’ but never experienced it. Now I believe in that word. I ask God to bless you, our brothers and sisters. You listened to us, and even though we don’t know each other, you have shared what you have with us.” — Catarino Solis

“Home gardening training has helped us greatly. We have learned that children need vitamins from vegetables and herbs to grow healthy and strong. The help you have provided gives me hope. I thank you for taking my family into account. You have given us the faith to get ahead!” — Dina Recinos

You’ve Built Safe Homes For Families in Haiti

In Haiti, Cross Catholic Outreach works with a trusted network of priests, nuns and lay workers to address the extreme poverty that has plagued families for generations. We have responded to several natural disasters, including deadly earthquakes in 2010 and 2021. Another vital outreach has been building safe concrete-block homes, a life-changing blessing for families who lived in dirt-floor dwellings.

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Left: Marie Ninapoly Carb, a mother of six in Les Cayes, Haiti. Right: This new home also doubles as a storefront, allowing the family to sell goods to their neighbors. Right: This new home also doubles as a storefront, allowing the family to sell goods to their neighbors.
Left: Marie Ninapoly Carb, a mother of six in Les Cayes, Haiti.
Right: This new home also doubles as a storefront, allowing the family to sell goods to their neighbors.

“I had a small house that was broken. I feel like I didn’t have a life in that old house. It was made from rocks. It had a tin roof that leaked. We would get sick with colds and fevers. I have this house because I believe in God. Thanks a lot! Not just for myself, but for everyone you’ve blessed. All of us are happy.” — Marie Ninapoly Carb

“Sometimes [the kids] wait for the rain to stop, so they can scratch the ground to make a space to sleep. But now, God blessed us and we can sleep comfortably… I’d like to say thank you to the Cross donors, I can’t do anything to repay them, but only the God of heaven can repay them, for he sees the work they do and will bless them.” —Viegeta Lamy

You’ve Blessed Children With a Catholic Education in Kenya

Nearly two out of five people survive on less than $2 a day in Kenya. That’s one of the reasons a solid Catholic education is so critical – it provides children with the foundation to escape poverty. Your support of schools, including Brother Beausang Catholic Education Center, has helped young minds soar. A graduate even received a full scholarship to Harvard University!

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Donate Today and Extend Blessings to Families

Left: Moureen Wanjiru, 16, lives in Embulbul, Kenya.
Right: Brian Ekimat lives in Kitale, Kenya

“I have grown in confidence over the past two years since attending [Brother Beausang Catholic Education Center]. I’m a member of the Mass choir and was elected entertainment captain by the student council. Thank you!” — Moureen Wanjiru

“The best thing about [St. John Bosco Rehabilitation Center] is we get to play! I have learned the story of King David. I would like to you know that we are prayerful, and our school is important because it helps us grow spiritually. Thank you!” — Brian Ekimat

Blessings Continue as Cross Catholic Outreach Enters Third Decade

As Bishop Vizcaino, one of our Guatemalan partners, has said, “My personal experience always tells me that when I have shared what I have and shared it generously, my heart benefits greatly.”

As Cross Catholic Outreach enters its third decade of service, we are eager to see how the Lord will work through our faithful supporters to bless those in greatest need. Whether you’ve joined our Mission Partners monthly giving club, selected a life-changing project from our Project Catalog, or given generously to support greatest needs, you’ve played an important role in extending Christ’s compassionate care around the globe!