Bishop Endorsements

Cross Catholic Outreach is humbled by recent endorsements from members of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann of the Archdiocese of Kansas City
Archbishop Naumann

Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann of the Archdiocese of Kansas City endorsed Cross Catholic Outreach, saying, “Never before has humanity enjoyed such an abundance of wealth, yet huge portions of the world’s population still live in poverty. It remains difficult to comprehend that, despite our modern advances, millions of people still lack the necessities of life. … I write to commend the work of Cross Catholic Outreach for its 20-year mission to transform the lives of the poor and uplift them from subhuman living conditions of destitute poverty into a life filled with hope and the knowledge that God loves them.”

Archbishop Fabre.
Archbishop Fabre

In his endorsement letter, Archbishop Shelton J. Fabre of the Archdiocese of Louisville addressed rising secularism, writing, “By approaching the bondage of poverty with the needs of the entire person in mind, including their human dignity as a child of God, Cross Catholic Outreach is able to accomplish transformations that secular charities are unable to address. I’m pleased to endorse Cross Catholic Outreach for its good work … and for spreading the Good News of the Gospel to those you serve.”

Bishop Felton.
Bishop Felton

Writing from the shores of Lake Superior, Bishop Daniel J. Felton of the Diocese of Duluth endorsed Cross Catholic Outreach, saying, “[The ministry] has demonstrated a long collaboration with the universal Church. This working together with bishops from around the world and with the Holy See to support charitable causes close to the heart of our Holy Father Pope Francis has earned the ministry office recognition from the Vatican as an international Catholic charity. Since its founding, Cross Catholic Outreach has been a powerful contemporary witness to the Church’s charitable mission.”

Bishop Mueggenborg.
Bishop Mueggenborg

“The Catholic tradition of helping the poor is exemplified in the ministry of Cross Catholic Outreach,” Bishop Daniel H. Mueggenborg of the Diocese of Reno wrote in his endorsement letter. “It is encouraging to know that through your support of Catholic missionaries, the cries of the poor are being heard.”

Bishop Cozzens.
Bishop Cozzens

In his letter from February of this year, Bishop Andrew H. Cozzens of the Diocese of Crookston writes, “I am familiar with the good works of Cross Catholic Outreach, and I commend the material aid you provide to Catholic missionaries. … You help many people fulfill Christ’s command to care for the least among us.”

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