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Giving Tuesday and Cross Catholic Outreach

What Is Giving Tuesday?

Thankfully, the post-Thanksgiving buying sprees of Black Friday and Small-Business Saturday have their charitable counterpart in a special day known as Giving Tuesday, marked every year on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving weekend.

For those who are wondering what the official definition of this event is, Giving Tuesday has been called “A global generosity movement unleashing the power of radical generosity… a day that encourages people to do good.”

While the official Giving Tuesday celebration is best known for its ties to the Thanksgiving holiday, the independent nonprofit organization that coordinates Giving Tuesday also advocates for people to be generous every Tuesday, and that idea is compelling. Building a habit of charity is a great way to positively impact the world, your community, your family and yourself. 

Whether you plan to participate in this “season of giving” or give on a regular basis, we would like you to partner with Cross Catholic Outreach in your charitable giving because we offer a very effective way to bless the neediest families in our world. Our ministry impacts millions of lives every year across 32 countries and meets the varied needs of individuals, families and communities. From immediate disaster relief to long-term educational planning, Cross Catholic Outreach is dedicated to addressing both the material and spiritual needs of the poor. When you join us in this work of mercy, you transform lives, open doors of opportunity, improve the living conditions of the neediest people, and share the love and hope found in Jesus Christ!

Cross Catholic Outreach's Impact

Below are just a few examples of the important work Cross Catholic Outreach does around the globe. For more information about a particular program or initiative, click on each link to find the project you feel called to support.

Nutritious Food

Nearly 820 million people worldwide experience chronic hunger every year. We can provide nutritious meals to these impoverished communities, but we need the support of our donors to achieve our ambitious goals. Just last year, our effort to nourish lives and souls included:

  • Cash grants for in-country use: 92 grants in more than 18 countries.
  • School food distributions: 27.
  • Vitafood meals: 5 million.
  • Community feeding programs: 60,687.

Clean Water

Water is essential to fuel us and every living thing around us, but it can also be deadly when it is drawn from contaminated sources or produces waterborne illnesses. Access to safe, clean water can end these risks, ease the labor burden on children who must often collect this water from distant places and help local farmers grow crops. The domino effect we see from providing clean water is astonishing. It can pull entire communities out of the poverty cycle. The following is our impact on clean water in 2021:

  • Cash grants for in-country use: Provided grants to 39 projects in 12 countries.
  • Community water systems installed: 62 communities received the gift of clean. water.
  • Lives impacted: Blessed 96,417 people with clean, safe water.

Donate to Make a Difference

Students in a classroom.

Quality Education

Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and uplifting entire communities, so Cross Catholic Outreach makes giving children access to all grade levels a priority. We provided the following support to our ministry partners in 2021:

  • Cash grants for in-country use: Provided grants to 90 projects in 16 countries.
  • Scholarships provided: 4,531 students received academic scholarships.
  • Teacher salaries funded: 175.

Safe Homes

Worldwide, one out of eight people live in slums or slum-like conditions. Houses in poor communities are often patchwork shelters made from sticks, discarded plastic, metal sheets, scrap lumber and cardboard. They have no plumbing or electricity. Living in these conditions eventually harms health, limits education opportunities, creates sanitation problems and limits a family’s economic potential. Providing safe homes gives families a solid foundation for building a healthier and more prosperous life. As Catholics, it is our duty to lift up the poor, and one great way to do that is to give them a safe, secure place to call home. In 2021, Cross Catholic Outreach provided:

  • Cash grants for in-country use: Provided grants to 22 projects in 11 countries.
  • Houses built or repaired: Built, repaired or upgraded 391 homes for 2,270 people.

Health Care

Cross Catholic Outreach believes that disadvantaged families deserve easier access to preventive care and medical treatments. To improve their health care, we provide support and resources to free and affordable clinics and medical outreaches serving the poor. By empowering our Catholic ministry partners to look after the needs of the sick and injured, we are building long-lasting relationships with communities around the globe. We had this impact in 2021 alone:

  • Cash grants for in-country use: Provided grants to 95 projects in 16 countries.
  • COVID-19 prevention supplies: Shipped $1,325,284 in COVID-19 prevention supplies to seven countries.
  • Medical goods: Shipped medicine and medical supplies valued at $298 million.
  • Medical facilities: Three new medical facilities built.
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Vulnerable Children

Part of our duty as Catholics is to care for orphaned and vulnerable children. Unfortunately, many poorer nations either don’t have a foster care system or their system is so weak it cannot handle the number of orphans who need care. This means children can end up living on the streets, where they become susceptible to exploitation and trafficking. With the support of our donors, our ministry partners around the world have become a beacon of hope for orphans, and the partners’ churches are a guaranteed safe place to sleep, eat and receive an education. Last year, our impact included: 

  • Cash grants for in-country use: Provided grants to 31 projects in nine countries.
  • Children impacted: 2,504 protected through anti-trafficking programs.
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Most have heard the saying “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” At Cross Catholic Outreach, we ultimately want families to achieve this kind of self-sufficiency. Unfortunately, achieving this dream is rarely as simple as teaching a person to fish. Poor families need us to use a much more flexible and wide-ranging approach — and that’s where your contributions of support can help! Those gifts enable us to provide families with farm animals, agricultural support or small loans — whatever is best suited to their situation and will help them achieve their goals.

  • Cash grants for in-country use: Provided grants to 19 projects in eight countries.
  • Microloans funded: $76,785 worth of loans distributed.
  • Families supported: 176 families provided with microloans.
  • Pigs provided: 113 pigs given to poor families.
A group of volunteers gather to distribute goods for disaster relief.

Disaster Relief

When natural disasters strike, it is important for us to address the urgent needs of the poor and vulnerable. They are usually at the greatest risk and have fewer options for rebuilding their lives. The support of our donors empowers Cross Catholic Outreach to mobilize its network of partners on the ground in cases like this, and we can provide both immediate relief and engage in long-term recovery efforts. A unique crisis that surfaced in the past two years is the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 created food shortages and produced a global hunger crisis, leaving millions of impoverished families struggling with hunger and the threat of malnutrition. Just last year, we were able to provide the following relief to ministry partners both in the US and abroad:

  • Food: 356,400 meals delivered to hurricane survivors.
  • Medicine: 249,732 bottles and packages of medicine and 35,881 packages or cases of medical supplies delivered to impacted families.
  • Hygiene and cleaning supplies: 236 pallets of cleaning supplies delivered to recovery sites.


Whether you are planning to set up a regular donation to Cross Catholic Outreach or are evaluating what charities will receive your annual gift on Giving Tuesday, we thank God for your support. Together, we can ensure that all God’s children feel the warmth of his love. For more information, please click here.