A Nicaraguan mother and her son raise glasses of clean water from their new home water tap.
Martha and her son Jonathan enjoy a glass of clean, refreshing water from their new faucet.

Nicaraguan Mother Celebrates ‘Radical Change’ From Scarcity to Clean, Abundant Water

Martha’s Struggle for Clean Water

Not long ago, Martha Irene Vargas Sánchez worried she might not live long enough to see her son Jonathan grow up. She was desperate for a solution to her family’s health issues, including their need for a source of safe water.

All the water she used for drinking, cooking, bathing and doing laundry came from unsanitary and unreliable sources. During the summer when the wells dried up, she needed to walk 300 meters from her house to fill her bucket, and during the winter months when water levels rose, the contamination would increase and make the family sick. It was a vicious cycle of thirst and intestinal illnesses.

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Water Crisis Solved

Now, thanks to our generous Cross Catholic Outreach supporters, Martha has that solution!

A brand-new community water system with a deep well, large tank and powerful pump has been installed and is sending an abundant supply of clean, filtered water directly to the homes of Martha and her neighbors. She no longer needs to walk 300 meters to fetch her daily drinking water, and she no longer worries that the water she uses will make her family sick.

Grateful to God for Safe Water

“I feel very grateful to God and to the organization that made this project possible. This has changed our lives a lot, because now we don’t have to carry water, we don’t have to spend money on medicines to get dewormed every six months,” Martha said. “I call it a radical change because instead of pouring a bucket of water, today I just turn on the faucet and I have my water and it is completely drinkable, and that is a great relief for us.”

Martha anticipates that the new water system will be a long-term resource, and thanks to the educational component of the project, she understands what must be done to make it sustainable.

 “This is something we are going to have for many years, if we take care of our source and we take care of the area where the well is, like reforesting or planting so that this source is always alive. We are going to have water here for many years and that is a great blessing.”

Martha knows that sustainability must be a community effort. In fact, the whole process has been one of cooperation and neighbors-helping-neighbors.

“That fills us with joy, with satisfaction, to see that we are working in community, in unity with other communities, knowing not only the scope of the project, but also the people who are benefiting.”

To all who helped bring this project to her community, Martha says, “May God bless them in a great way, may God enlighten them, may God lead them in their projects, giving them wisdom and understanding. Not only with these communities, but with all the people, those who are in need — may God touch hearts, opening doors so this project always supports the most needy here in Nicaragua.”

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