Portrait of Cross Catholic Outreach board of directors.
Cross Catholic Outreach board of directors with CEO Jim Cavnar and President Michele Sagarino, sixth and seventh from left.

Important Leadership Updates at Cross Catholic Outreach

We would like to announce that Jim Cavnar recently transitioned to the role of chief executive officer at Cross Catholic Outreach. At Jim’s recommendation, the board has voted Michele Sagarino — who served as vice president for development for 15 years — to the position of president.

Jim and Michele are completely aligned on our long-held mission objectives, our commitment to good stewardship and our efforts to provide world-class reporting on the use of donor gifts. Both donors and ministry partners can expect the same dedication to effectiveness and quality in the years ahead.

We also want to honor the retirement of David Adams, who served more than 16 years as Cross Catholic Outreach’s vice president for missions. Through the years, David worked faithfully with our ministry partners around the world and played a critical role in expanding our global missions. Mike Vietenhans, who formerly served as vice president of gifts-in-kind and program strategy, will now fill this role as vice president of international programs, while David continues to provide valuable support and guidance as vice president for missions emeritus.

Additionally, Shana McCracken has been promoted to vice president of development, and Father Dave Caron, O.P., has been elevated to vice president of spiritual, cultural and staff development. Please join us in praying for Cross Catholic Outreach and its leadership as we continue to seek God’s will in serving the poor. To learn more about our leadership and board, visit CrossCatholic.org/about-us/our-team/.