Fr. Frank Iacona
Fr. Frank Iacona is an Outreach Priest with Cross Catholic Outreach and a member of the Order. We are incredibly grateful for his dedication to the poor and his ability to share their stories with parishes and Knights nationwide!

Light on a Knight: Father Frank Iacona

Father Frank Iacona is a priest of the Diocese of St. George’s in Grenada and was ordained to the priesthood in 2002. In 2011, he was called to Florida and has since served in several parishes in the Diocese of St. Augustine. In 2016, he became an Outreach Priest with Cross Catholic Outreach. In his role as Outreach Priest, Fr. Iacona celebrates Masses nationwide, sharing the needs of the poor and the hope of the missions serving them. He is a 4th degree Knight and in his extensive travels he enjoys connecting with his brother Knights at every opportunity!

Fr. Iacona is also the author of the book, Peace and Joy, a Path for Our Spiritual Quest. For this work, Fr. Iacona received the 2021 Distinguished Press Award. In this inspiring book he shares, “No God, no peace nor joy. Know God, know peace and joy. To know God, look for the good in you and others.”

Throughout his time with Cross Catholic Outreach, Fr. Iacona continually looks for the good in others as he awakens and affirms Christ for those in the pews, always opening their hearts to the plight of the poor. In fact, his efforts have resulted in funds raised to support spiritual nourishment, food, water, shelter, medical care, education, economic empowerment and hope for the poorest of the poor. His powerful message is transforming their lives, their communities and our world.

Thank you, Fr. Iacona, for using your talents to inspire the Knights and parishioners you encounter each week!