A man stands at a podium speaking to his audience.
Mike Kish addresses fellow Knights during a Cross Catholic Outreach spiritual retreat in Pennsylvania this past April.

Light on a Knight: Mike Kish

Cross Catholic Outreach is proud to feature Pennsylvania State Deputy, Mike Kish, as this month’s “Light on a Knight”. Sharing our passion for feeding hungry families, Mike has challenged Knights throughout his state to conduct five food packing events during the past fraternal year. This inspiring effort has mobilized Catholics to pack more than a quarter of a million life-saving meals for those impacted by the hunger crisis in developing countries.

Mike has also supported other Cross Catholic Outreach faith-in-action initiatives, such as the spiritual retreat written for Knights and the Box of Joy® ministry. In fact, Mike has already encouraged many councils to engage in the assembly of Box of Joy gifts, ensuring that young children receive the joy of a Christmas present. Plus, he and more than 50 other Knights participated in the spiritual retreat last April in Philadelphia, deepening their faith by learning to walk in the footsteps of Saint Joseph.

Thank you, Mike, for your enthusiastic leadership and remarkable ability to rally Pennsylvania Knights to work on behalf of the poor!


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