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You can bless poor families with meaningful gifts that will bring both joy and relief.

How To Help the Poor This Christmas

Looking for a way to give back and bless others this Christmas? Cross Catholic Outreach’s Christmas Catalog offers you an inspiring way to incorporate almsgiving into your family’s Advent and Christmas observances!

Through the Christmas Catalog, you are able to “shop” for the gift that most touches your heart — such as items for children in need and clean water for families in Kenya. It’s very much like the experience of selecting Christmas gifts from a commercial catalog, but these gifts are different. By choosing them, you can be someone’s miracle; you can bless impoverished children and families in developing countries around the world!

In this blog, we’ll explore Cross Catholic Outreach’s Christmas Catalog gifts, new items for 2023, and how you can share Christ’s love where it is needed most.

Ways To Give

Cross Catholic Outreach’s Christmas Catalog features a variety of gifts to bless children, families and entire communities in developing countries. Gift categories include:

In our catalog, there are gifts for all price ranges, allowing you, your family or parish to sponsor everything from prenatal vitamins for pregnant moms in Central America to a sturdy four-room home in Haiti. No matter what you choose, every Christmas Catalog gift is a special way to bless children and families in need.

About the Christmas Catalog

The Christmas Catalog is an important part of Cross Catholic Outreach’s vision of mobilizing Catholics to overcome material and spiritual poverty in the developing countries. To achieve our vision, we work directly with Catholic bishops, priests, sisters and lay missionaries who live among the poor in developing countries such as the Dominican RepublicNicaragua and Ethiopia.

Many of these overseas partners have been eager to make a difference in the communities they serve, but they have lacked the funding needed to carry out important poverty relief and spiritual outreach programs. The Christmas Catalog is designed to bridge this funding gap by giving U.S. Catholics the opportunity to select from 47 gifts that will bless the poor this Christmas.

In 2023, more than 94% of Cross Catholic Outreach’s organizational expenses, including donated goods, went directly to programs that help the poor, so you can be assured that your gift will have a tremendous impact!

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Help fight world hunger by providing Vitafood to feed the hungry.

Our Most Popular Christmas Catalog Gifts

U.S. Catholics have been helping the poor through Cross Catholic Outreach’s Christmas Catalog for more than a decade. Last Christmas, one of the most popular items was Vitafood, protein-rich meals scientifically formulated to meet the needs of malnourished children. Cross Catholic Outreach ships Vitafood in bulk to ministry partners in developing countries, where the meals reach hungry children and families. Our Vitafood outreach is a great way to rush nutritious food where it is needed most, and it can also avert catastrophe when a sudden emergency, such as a hurricane or earthquake, disrupts a community’s food supply.

Another popular catalog selection highlights our Box of Joy® program. This special Christmas outreach puts smiles on the faces of thousands of precious children by allowing them to open their own boxes full of Christmas gifts. Each box also includes spiritual blessings — a rosary and a special booklet about Jesus and his love for them. For many of these children, Box of Joy is the first Christmas gift they have ever received!

For those interested in having a major impact with their Christmas gift, we recommend the sponsorship of a sturdy new home for a family in desperate need. Our most popular option is safe homes in Guatemala, providing sturdy concrete-block homes with a solid foundation and roof to families living in destitute circumstances.

If health care is your passion, you might be interested in sponsoring breast cancer awareness and screenings in Haiti. This gift will help train volunteer health agents to educate women in rural areas on breast health and how to perform self-exams.

Do you believe every child deserves a quality education? Catholic school scholarships in Kenya will provide a life-transforming education for impoverished children in the Nkaimurunya community near the capital city of Nairobi.

What’s New in 2023

Our 2023 Christmas Catalog includes several meaningful projects highlighted for the first time. This includes training and support for pig farmers, a gift that will provide technical support to Nicaraguan families as they raise, breed and sell pigs. Choosing this option will help poor families increase their income and achieve greater self-sufficiency!

Or you can help us provide beds for the sick. Hospitals and medical clinics in developing countries don’t always have the supplies they need to provide basic medical care to the families they serve, so providing hospital beds can make a big impact and bless the poor as they heal and recover.

If you want to help a small child get a great start to their education, check out kindergarten scholarships for students in a remote region of Ethiopia. These scholarships cover school fees and a healthy daily snack, and they share the love of Christ with impoverished children.

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By shopping the Christmas Catalog, you can make a big difference for a family in need.

Make Cross Catholic Outreach Your Christmas Charity

The annual Christmas Catalog offers Catholic families lots of inspiring and impactful options for sponsoring a truly meaningful Christmas gift — one that will address a real and urgent needs. Be sure to browse the Christmas Catalog online and give to whichever projects the Lord places on your heart. With your help, we can reach more needy families than ever before, blessing them with material aid and the spiritual joy of knowing our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Bless Lives This Christmas


Donations from this campaign will be used to cover any expenditures for this project incurred through June 30, 2025, the close of our ministry’s fiscal year. In the event that more funds are raised than needed to fully fund the project, the excess funds, if any, will be used to meet the most urgent needs of the ministry.