Bishop Earl K. Fernandes Joins the Board of Directors

A bishop smiles in his vestments.
Bishop Earl K. Fernandes.

Cross Catholic Outreach welcomes Bishop Earl K. Fernandes of the Diocese of Columbus to its board of directors. Bishop Fernandes was confirmed to the board of directors unanimously earlier this year. In 2022, Bishop Fernandes endorsed our ministry, writing, “I am pleased to endorse Cross Catholic Outreach for its demonstration of authentic charity and its strengthening of the bonds of solidarity and human fraternity.”

Before he was ordained, Bishop Fernandes became familiar with Cross Catholic Outreach’s Box of Joy® ministry, personally witnessing the participation of his previous parish, St. Ignatius of Loyola in Cincinnati. He mentioned this in his endorsement, saying, “I saw first-hand how the ‘faith in action’ of children inspired a greater spirit of solidarity among adult members of the parish.”

Bishop Fernandes joins seven other bishops and archbishops on the board of directors. Together, the board guides our ministry in its solidarity with Catholic dioceses and missionary projects around the world.

Box of Joy is a registered trademark of Cross Catholic Outreach.