A bishop extends two arms in blessing on the front steps of a hospital as a Catholic sister and hospital staff look on.
Bishop Evans Chinyama Chiyemba of the Diocese of Mongu blesses the new staff housing at Mangango Mission Hospital.

Catholics Bring Healing and Hope to Zambia’s Remote Villages

Signs of God’s abundant love are springing up in a number of remote villages in rural Zambia, and the families who have been trapped in generational poverty there now have hope. In communities that have lacked medical care, doctors have the facilities to perform lifesaving surgeries. In villages that once struggled with hunger, nutritious meals have been delivered to keep children properly fed. In addition, ministry teams have arrived to provide other important material and spiritual aid.

These blessings are reminders that our loving God has not forgotten his people. Though they live far from urban areas and paved roads, our Lord is aware of their needs and is inspiring his Church to help them.

For example, he has called Zambia’s Daughters of the Redeemer to new levels of service — and has inspired U.S. Catholics to support them.

The friends of Cross Catholic Outreach have enabled the sisters to:

  • Build a new, enlarged surgical suite at Mangango Mission Hospital that is saving lives.
  • Construct new staff housing to attract doctors and nurses to this rural hospital.
  • Protect community health with a new mortuary and medical waste incinerator at St. Thomas Rural Health Centre.
  • Nourish families with fortified meals and nutrition education.
  • Strengthen ministries with compassionate staff members.

Lifesaving Care Is Reaching More Villagers

Dr. Mangala prepares the medical team for the surgical suite opening.

Dr. Mukohe Mangala, medical director at Mangango Mission Hospital, relies on the kindness of compassionate Catholics to pursue his ambitious mission, and he is deeply grateful to those who have stepped forward to help. Generous gifts from Cross Catholic Outreach’s donors have enabled his hospital to build a new, enlarged surgical suite, giving him and his medical team the tools they need to perform lifesaving procedures on patients with urgent needs.

Previously, the hospital had only one small operating room. If it was in use, people arriving with life-and-death emergencies had to wait or be transferred long distances over rough roads to receive care.

With the new addition, two patients can receive treatment at the same time. The larger area with new equipment was greatly needed because the hospital serves an area with 65,000 people and is a referral center for 11 health clinics.

The project also included hospital renovations to provide enhanced care for other patients. The previous operating room was renovated to become an inpatient ward for pediatric patients, while the previous children’s ward became the maternity ward because it is close to the new surgical center.

The new surgical suite expands the capabilities of Mangango Mission Hospital.
Modern surgical equipment is shown inside the new surgical suite.
New surgical equipment helps doctors save lives.

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New Housing for Staff Members

Three new buildings with 10 staff housing units are set against a blue sky.
New staff housing attracts a qualified medical team to this remote health outreach.

Sometimes our ministry partners have very specific needs, and they are grateful we are willing to help them with those unusual challenges. That was the case when 10 new staff housing units were needed. Finishing them was important because they enabled Mangango Mission Hospital to attract qualified medical staff and operate more efficiently.

Previously, the government had deployed 25 medical personnel to the hospital, but 10 of them could not be housed on hospital grounds because the housing had been insufficient. These 10 doctors, nurses and other personnel were living in local villages, staying in inadequate homes that often did not have water.

Cheelo Malambo, a laboratory technician, said he is enjoying his job more than ever now that he lives on hospital grounds. For the past four years, Cheelo had been living nearly four miles away in the village of Kalundu, creating hardships for him and his department. He often was unable to provide same-day turnaround on lab tests because of the distance he had to travel to get home. Now, he is willing to stay later or pick up extra shifts at night when the demand for diagnostic services is high. This helps patients receive faster treatment.

Feeding the Hungry

Support from U.S. donors also enabled the sisters to hire a staff member and purchase a vehicle that was needed to deliver meals to families suffering from hunger and malnutrition.

This support enabled the Daughters of the Redeemer to provide more than 800,000 Vitafood meals. The sisters’ team makes regular deliveries of these meals to 625 people from destitute families, including Faustina Nkausu’s family.

With these vitamin-packed meals, Faustina is providing her two children with at least one nourishing meal each day. Without friends like you, her family would go hungry.

These meals keep Faustina’s children strong and healthy, especially during the dry seasons in Zambia. During these six months, she often is unable to grow the corn and other vegetables that her family relies on for meals. Faustina is only able to generate income from temporary jobs she finds, and few of those offer a decent wage.

In addition to delivering meals to families, the ministry team provides nutrition education and cooking demonstrations, so recipients understand their options for preparing the Vitafood meals. Gifts from compassionate Catholics allow the sisters to reach 625 men, women and children each month with nourishing food, education and the goodness of God.

A woman stands in the dirt in front of a small home with mud walls and a thatched roof.
Faustina Nkausu, pictured in front of her home, is thankful for friends of Cross Catholic Outreach who provided Vitafood meals for her family.

Prayers Answered by Faithful Catholic Friends

The Daughters of the Redeemer have always been a spiritual light in their community, but they could never have maintained their ambitious humanitarian programs without the support of faithful Catholic donors. Because they have few resources of their own, the sisters must step out in faith and ask the Lord to help. It is humbling and inspiring to think that he answers those prayers through us!

As we work together as one body in Christ, we are able to bring life-transforming medical and nutrition outreaches to life, providing healing and hope to thousands of impoverished people in great need. What a privilege it is to help the sisters live out the charism of their order: “to share intimately and wholeheartedly in the redemptive work of Christ.”

May the Lord continue to work through the sisters — and us — to bless and transform lives!

Donations from this campaign will be used to cover any expenditures incurred through June 30, 2024, the close of our ministry’s fiscal year. In the event that more funds are raised than needed to fully fund the project, the excess funds, if any, will be used to meet the most urgent needs of the ministry.