Headshot of a man with glasses, wearing a black Knights of Columbus polo.
With his brother Knights, Grand Knight Bruce Van Denburg enthusiastically supports the work of Cross Catholic Outreach in Africa — helping build wells for communities in need.

Light on a Knight – February 2024

Bruce Van Denburg is a Vietnam veteran and a leader who converted to Catholicism in 2016, one year before joining the Order. He currently serves as Grand Knight to the Fr. Robert Scott Council No. 11064 located in Clifton Park, NY. Bruce and his brother Knights provide substantial physical, spiritual and financial support to their fellow parishioners and the surrounding community, and that faithful generosity has spread to Catholics in rural Africa.

When Bruce and his council discovered Cross Catholic Outreach’s “Wells of Salvation” initiative, there was excitement about this new opportunity to put their faith into action. Bruce said, “When our Council heard of the plight of these families in Africa and their need for clean water, the brothers overwhelmingly and enthusiastically approved to support Wells of Salvation.” This project enabled Knights and Catholics from across the United States to bring clean water to families living in desperate communities in Malawi, Ghana, and Zambia. Bruce further shared, “Water is life and clean water leads to healthy lives and families. Those of us who have it must help those who don’t.”

Cross Catholic Outreach salutes Bruce for his passion and commitment to helping those who struggle to meet their most basic needs. We encourage your council to follow the example of Bruce and Council 11064 this Lent by making a financial commitment to bring clean water to hundreds of families through Cross Catholic Outreach’s Wells of Salvation program.