Three New Bishops Endorse Cross Catholic Outreach

Three bishops appointed by Pope Francis last year have issued strong statements of support for the efforts of Cross Catholic Outreach as we bring aid to the poorest of the poor by implementing the principles of Catholic social teaching. With the new endorsements below, our missionary work has garnered the support of nearly two-thirds of the United States bishops.

Bishop Timothy Senior — Diocese of Harrisburg

A man in bishop’s vestments and eyeglasses smiles.“I am writing this letter as the bishop of the Diocese of Harrisburg to commend and endorse the exceptional work carried out by Cross Catholic Outreach in helping the most vulnerable populations across the developing world. Your dedication to providing not just material aid but also the love and mercy that Christ embodies deeply resonates with the teachings of the Catholic Church. I pray that the Holy Spirit may continue to bless and guide Cross Catholic Outreach and your Catholic missionary partners in the field so that the poorest of the poor may learn of God’s love for them.”

Bishop Richard Henning — Diocese of Providence

A bishop in garnet vestments and glasses smiles at the camera.“Your work to address the root causes of poverty through integral human development is an approach that sets Cross Catholic Outreach apart from many of the world’s charitable organizations. Through the Catholic lens, we understand that each person is made in God’s image and has a spiritual need that can only be filled through Christ our Lord. This spiritual dimension is so important to permanently transforming the lives of the poor, lifting them and their communities out of the bondage of poverty. Please know of my prayers for all of the priests and lay staff members engaged in the work of transforming the lives of the poor and their communities materially and spiritually for the glory of Jesus Christ.”

Bishop Jeffrey Fleming — Diocese of Great Falls-Billings

A priest with a collar and glasses smiles looking forward.“At the heart of Catholic social teaching lies the profound principle and challenge of the preferential option for the poor. This precept, rooted in the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, underscores the Church’s unwavering commitment to prioritize the well-being and raising up of those marginalized by the bondage of poverty. From its founding, Cross Catholic Outreach has made the preferential option for the poor one of its fundamental core values. Having a preferential option for the poor is not merely a charitable gesture or just an act of compassion; it is a core expression of our faith. It is a recognition that God has a special love for the poor and vulnerable and that we, as followers of Christ, are to do the same, to put our love into action.”

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