Working Alongside the Vatican to Serve the Poor

A Cardinal in a priestly collar holds up a check given to him by another priest.
Cardinal Krajewski gratefully receives a check for church ministries from Msgr. Bertagni.

To better serve the poor throughout the world, Cross Catholic Outreach maintains a strong connection to the Vatican, and the fruits of the collaboration continue to be transformative.

In November, Monsignor Ted Bertagni of Cross Catholic Outreach was in Rome to present Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, prefect of the Dicastery for the Service of Charity, with funds for the charitable works of the Holy Father, Pope Francis.

Cardinal Krajewski also updated Msgr. Bertagni on the continued works of charity that are being done in the name of the Holy Father throughout the world, especially in Ukraine. Cardinal Krajewski explained that there was a great need at that time because of the severe winters in Ukraine. People who suffer in spartan conditions due to the continuing war in Ukraine had an urgent need for generators, fuel and thermal clothing.

Msgr. Bertagni also learned that Cardinal Krajewski was going to Turin, Italy, to deliver washing machines and dryers. That equipment is now being used by the homeless there. Cardinal Krajewski explained that many poor brothers and sisters have a hard time seeing themselves as worthy of basic human dignity since they are often dirty and have no ability to clean their clothes. This initiative of the Holy Father through the dicastery is one of countless acts of kindness, charity and compassion for the needy that lies at the heart of Cross Catholic Outreach. Our ministry is committed to promoting integral human development through our aid, both materially and spiritually to all people, especially those in the greatest need.

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