A family of four smile for the camera.
A new home is a dream come true for Francibelis and her family — thank you for making it possible!

Empowering Families in the Dominican Republic

Driving through the Diocese of San Juan de la Maguana, travelers are greeted with vibrant blue skies, rolling green hills and a colorful sign that reads “Tierra de Dios” (Land of God). While the beauty of this tiny Caribbean country makes it easy to believe that God walks this land, there are many parts of the country where poverty has left terrible scars, and struggling families have had to face many daunting challenges, including living in unsafe, unsanitary housing.

To provide solutions to these hardships, Cross Catholic Outreach supporters have been empowering FUNDASEP — the social outreach of the diocese — to build and repair the homes of some of the area’s poorest families. This support has been an answer to prayer for both FUNDASEP’s dedicated team and the beneficiaries, who no longer need to live in fear of harsh weather or intruders.

The support FUNDASEP is receiving has also enabled the diocese to begin the process of surveying the needs of new communities, helping them build irrigation systems and make arrangements to provide local families with greater access to safe, clean water. This has restored the hope of once-desperate families, and they are excited by the fact that their water supply will soon be safe to drink and that their crops will be irrigated in order to yield a much more productive harvest.

A man points to a worn house’s foundation, his wife and daughter trail behind him.
Carlos Alberto shows FUNDASEP staff the disrepair around their old house.

The Gift of a New Home

Francibelis was born and raised near Los Callejones and now lives in the area with her husband, Carlos Alberto, and their two children. For eight years, the family had to seek shelter in a loaned home that was in disrepair. That house had no floor or foundation, and there were holes in the walls and roof. Carlos Alberto was unable to make the repairs himself because, as a farmhand, his employment was erratic and his income was insufficient to cover those costs.

As a result, their home leaked during the rainy seasons and family members had to endure debilitating bouts of the flu. Desperate, they prayed that someone would see their need and provide a way out — and thanks to donor generosity, FUNDASEP was able to answer that prayer.

With her new home now under construction, Francibelis said “it feels like a dream has come true.” She also said the new house is especially important for her children, who are excited to grow up in their own home! Humbled by the ways her prayers have been answered, Francibelis expressed her gratitude to God and to supporters of Cross Catholic Outreach who so generously responded to her family’s needs.

Donate to Make a Difference

A garden with a woman pulling weeds in the background.
When families are assured of a harvest, men don’t need to leave their families and head to the city for work. The new irrigation system is helping keep families together!

Hope for Farmers

Nobel Sanchez is another beneficiary of the kindness shown by those who gave to FUNDASEP. He had been praying for a more efficient way to irrigate his crops. The many droughts that were impacting his area created major challenges for Nobel. There were years when his harvest was so poor that his family suffered from hunger and endured serious economic hardships. Each growing season, he would worry that his hard work would not be sufficient to provide for his family, and he knew that without agriculture training and quality tools, his crop losses would likely continue. Thanks to a new irrigation system being built, all that will soon change.

Today, Nobel is praising God and is grateful to the supporters of Cross Catholic Outreach who came to his rescue. Through FUNDASEP and its community projects, his hope has been restored. He will soon have an efficient way to irrigate his crops, and his community is learning how to care for the new water system so it will remain a blessing for many years to come.

Two women stand in front of a wooden gate.
Francibelis Rosario and Obialina Adamo are involved in FUNDASEP’s microcredit program and have dreams that involved owning their own homes and vehicles one day.

Celebration in the Villages

“Without this project, there would be no radical change in my life.”

This bold claim made by community leader Francibelis Rosario is a sentiment shared by many of the families that have benefited from FUNDASEP’s outreach — and anyone who sees the transformation taking place in these villages can easily understand why the local people believe that the ministry’s projects are an answer to prayer.

There is a celebration among the villagers every time a neighbor is invited into one of FUNDASEP’s programs. Whether a young mom down the road has received news that she will be getting a new home or a father can now stay near his family because he is confident in his crop yields, community leaders such as Francibelis are ready to rejoice over those victories.

This joy, hope and worship of our God, who made it all possible, is what Cross Catholic Outreach supporters make possible every day through compassionate giving.

The transformative impact of generosity toward these vulnerable families in the Dominican Republic is nothing short of miraculous. Through steadfast support of the Church’s social teaching, many lives have been blessed — and will continue to be blessed for many years to come.

Proceeds from this campaign will be used to cover any expenditures incurred through June 30, 2024, the close of our ministry’s fiscal year. In the event that more funds are raised than needed to fully fund the project, the excess funds, if any, will be used to meet the most urgent needs of the ministry.