Stories and Updates

A Eucharistic ministry presents the Eucharist during Communion.
Father Dave Caron, O.P.

Prayers for Haiti

Catholic prayers for peace in Haiti, including a prayer through Our Lady of Perpetual Help, the patron saint of Haiti, and more Marian prayers.

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A Zambian woman scoops dirty water from a shallow open well into a bucket.
Disaster Relief
Rebecca Riccitello

Fight Cholera in Zambia

Zambia is facing a deadly cholera crisis that’s killed hundreds and infected thousands. Find out how U.S. Catholics can be the hands and feet of Christ by responding with practical help and compassion.

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Stained glass picture of St. Patrick.
Catholic Faith
Father Dave Caron, O.P.

The Legacy of St. Patrick

Discover the remarkable story of St. Patrick: from enslaved captive to missionary, his obedience and love transformed Ireland. Explore his legacy.

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A priest in green vestments smiles with a stained glass of a cross behind him.
Father Dave Caron, O.P.

Priests Needed: Work for Us

Cross Catholic Outreach is looking for priests willing to travel to the United States to spread the news of how God is working among the poor worldwide.

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