Children gather around a hole in the ground filled with water.

Water Crisis in Zambia

Just 33 percent of Zambia’s 18.4 million people have access to basic sanitation services. Learn about Zambia’s water crisis here.

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Woman gathers water from a river

Water Crisis in Ghana

In Ghana, scarcity of water, pollution, and waterborne illnesses impact nearly every aspect of daily life. Learn about the Ghana water crisis here.

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This is Weetherson Pierre

This is Weetherson Pierre, a nursing student I met on a recent mission trip. As a scholarship recipient of the Haitian Education Leadership Program (HELP), a CCO-sponsored program at the University of Notre Dame-Haiti, the country’s only Catholic university, Weetherson is not only a straight-A student, he is required to live by principals that are firmly rooted in Christian doctrines.

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Reflections on a Nicaraguan Student

A couple of weeks ago, as I attended my fifth-grade son’s open house, I marveled at how much technology American children have at their disposal. It was the end of the year, and the kids were turning in the laptops their school had provided for homework. Yes, school-provided laptops! I compared this to my experiences traveling in the developing world. Students there were lucky if they had electricity, much less access to a computer.

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