How Box of Joy Works

Box of Joy for Families, Churches, Schools and Organizations

The Box of Joy ministry provides schools, parishes, organizations and families with a unique opportunity to participate in a simple and tangible work of mercy.

By sending Boxes of Joy — filled with toys, clothing, school supplies, a rosary and the Story of Jesus — your group can demonstrate Christ’s compassion to poor children in developing countries. 

Box of Joy impact map

In 2020, Box of Joy blessed over


Children in 7 Countries

From Drop-off Center to Destination

Packed and ready? Cover the shipping and handling of your Boxes of Joy.

How It Works

Steps to mobilize your Box of Joy team


Select a Project Leader

(October 30 deadline)

Your group chooses a Project Leader, any adult who is excited about mobilizing Christmas joy! The Project Leader registers the group, noting the number of children the group wants to bless with Boxes of Joy.




The Project Leader will receive a Project Leader Kit from Cross Catholic Outreach. Each kit includes Box of Joy materials for the group, and COVID-19 guidelines for a safe and successful faith-in-action activity.


Shop and Pack


Project Leaders and their groups shop, following local guidelines, for children’s gifts and then pack the Boxes of Joy. Each group member includes a $9 donation in each box to cover the cost of shipping and to support the priests and nuns ministering to these children. View our gift ideas.

Shipping: Our staff is preparing for any adjustments that may need to be made in light of the unfolding situation. We can continue spreading the joy of the Gospel and distributing Boxes of Joy internationally in a safe manner by following local guidelines in each destination country.


Fill Boxes of Joy

(November 6-14)

Box of Joy Week is Nov. 6-14. All Box of Joy group members bring their Boxes of Joy to the group’s meeting place, being certain to follow the COVID-19 guidelines that were provided to each Project Leader.



(November 6-14)

The Project Leader delivers the Boxes of Joy to your local Drop-off Center. An interactive map would be available with all of the Drop-off Center’s locations in the US.

Each location will be following COVID-19 precautionary measures to ensure your safety. Contact your local Drop-off Center to see whether an appointment is required. 


Blessings Are on the Way


The Boxes of Joy are shipped to the children in greatest need around the world. In 2020, Box of Joy participants blessed over 61,422 children in seven countries.

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