Box of Joy 2021 Impact

Thank you for bringing the hope of Christ to little ones who need it most!

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Box of Joy Recipients

106,276 Children in 7 Countries

Across the U.S., Catholic schools, parishes and other organizations served faithfully to help as many children as possible receive a Box of Joy! They smile because of you.

– Belenda, 6 (Haiti)
“I love my doll. It is so pretty.”

– Luis Fernando, 7 (Guat.)
“I like the harmonica best because it sings!” 

– Geyley, 12 (Guat.)
“I like my box very much. I like the purse best because I can put many things in it. It is very fashionable!” 

– Dickson, 10 (Haiti)
“This car is for me? It is the best gift I have ever received!” 

Thank You for Sharing Joy

In 2021, your support for Box of Joy brought hope to children in developing countries, providing them memorable Christmas gifts and a much-needed reminder of God’s love.

Thank you for continuing to bring joy to impoverished children around the world! Each year, Christmas reminds us of the incredible gift we’ve been given through Christ, and in 2021 you responded by sharing his mercy with those in need.

Impact by Country

With support from Catholics around the world, children received toys, treats and basic essentials. They also received spiritual encouragement through friendly notes, prayer cards, rosary beads, biblical coloring books and The Story of Jesus!

Click on a country below to see how many children received joy in 2021!


Primary Partner: Caritas of the Diocese of Santa Rosa

Secondary Partners: Diocese of Suchitepéquez-Retalhuleu

This was the eight year ministering to Guatemalan children. The program has grown from reaching 2,693 children during the pilot year to 16,766 in 2021.


Primary Partner (Central Plateau): Kobonal Mission

Primary Partner (Southern): Pwoje Espwa Sud

This was the seventh year ministering to Haitian children. The program has grown from reaching 6,070 children in 2015 to 16,841 in 2021.


Primary Partner: Caritas Dominicana

Secondary Partner: Fe y Alegria (Jesuit of San Salvador)

This was the sixth year ministering to Dominican children. The program blessed 16,910 children in 2021.


Primary Partner:  Rainbow Network

This was the fifth year ministering to Nicaraguan children. The program blessed 16,961 children in 2021.


Primary Partner: Fe y Alegria of El Salvador

Secondary Partners: Fundación Una Mano Amiga

This was the fourth year ministering to Salvadoran children through Box of Joy. The program blessed 16,961 children in 2021.

Primary Partner: Diocese of St. George’s in Grenada

This was Box of Joy’s third year ministering to children in Grenada. The program blessed 8,420 children in 2021.

Primary Partner: Asociación la Perla (The Pearl Foundation)

This was Box of Joy’s second year ministering to children in Honduras. The program blessed 8,426 children in 2021.

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