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NOTE: Drop-Off Centers operate only during Box of Joy Week (Nov. 4-12, 2023).

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When your group has filled your Box of Joy gifts, deliver them to your nearest Drop-Off Center during Box of Joy Week (Nov. 4-12, 2023).

From there they’ll go to our screening center in Doral, FL, where they will be sorted and shipped to children around the world.

Offer Your Facility as a Drop-Off Center

Unite your community in serving needy children by offering your facility as a Drop-Off Center to receive Box of Joy gifts from parishes, schools, groups and families in your area. Drop-Off Center participants receive complimentary pick-up of all Box of Joy gifts at your location.

2022 Box of Joy Season is Over

If you still have Box of Joy gifts for the 2022 season, you can ship them to
Box of Joy National Screening Center
10239 NW 62nd Street
Doral, FL 33178.

Join our Box of Joy Volunteer Group

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world map

Registration for 2023 group sign up is now open!

Do something special for children in need. Register your group and we’ll help you from there!

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