Ways to Give

Opportunities for individuals, groups and organizations to bless children with Box of Joy

Already packed a Box of Joy?
Donate your $9 shipping here:

If you’re assembling Box of Joy gifts on your own or with your parish, school or group: please donate $9 for each box to help cover the cost of shipping and ministry partner outreach.

Donate $9 per each Box of Joy gift here:




Amazon Wishlist

Individuals can donate filler items for Box of Joy gifts — helping us ensure every box is filled to the top!

Gifts and Material Aid

Bulk business donations of discontinued, imperfect or overrun items make great gifts for children!


Select how many Box of Joy gifts you wish to send

Your gift covers the cost of the items ($25) and shipment ($9) of the boxes.


Sit back and let Team Joy Volunteers do the rest!

Team Joy Volunteers fill your Box of Joy gifts with toys and goodies, and then ship on your behalf.




All donations will be used for the Box of Joy program. If more donations are received than needed for the Box of Joy program, the excess funds will be used to meet the most urgent needs of the ministry.