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Give Emergency Aid

When disasters strike, Cross Catholic Outreach is there. Our ministry provides lifesaving material aid and spiritual support where they are needed most by extending God’s love to the relief and recovery efforts of our partners on the ground.

Through your generous support, we can set our global shipping network in motion to begin transporting urgently needed food, water, medicine and other supplies to survivors as soon as possible.

For as little as $31, you can feed a hungry family for a month.


Double your impact with a gift of lifesaving food, thanks to a match by two generous donors!* Gifts of $31 turn into $62 — enough to feed 2 families for a month! To win the fight against malnutrition, we need your help to ship valuable, donated Vitafood to families in desperate need. These meal packets are scientifically designed to address hunger and help missions restore health to malnourished families and children.

Though we receive Vitafood from different sources, each meal has key vitamins and nutrients to energize, strengthen and restore malnourished bodies back to health.

Starting at $12

Starting at $25

Send a gift a kindness to those vulnerable to natural disasters.

Donate a gift to meet the most urgent needs of the poor.

Starting at $16

Starting at $10

Donate emergency aid blankets to a shelter, orphanage, or hospital.

Give lifesaving nutritious milk powder to feed hungry children.

Starting at $7

Starting at $35

Give a basket of non-perishable food to a hungry family.

Send a gift that can save a life to clinics in need.

Starting at $51

Any amount helps

Send supplies that Christian doctors and overseas volunteers need.

Provide sturdy hand-pump wells that will alleviate thirst.

“They asked only one thing, that we remember the poor…”  Galatians 2:10

Can’t Decide on a Gift?

Give monthly to support disaster relief efforts that empower our ministry to respond during times of emergency.


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The Cross Catholic Outreach Christmas Catalog makes it fun and easy to extend the joy of Christmas to the poor. Instead of being filled with retail items, the catalog contains meaningful gifts for some the world’s most impoverished families. Some are lifesaving items such as Basic Medicines or Hygiene Products, while others are large-scale projects such as Safe Homes or Clean Water. All gifts are sent on your behalf to grateful families in developing countries.

It’s easy to shop through the Cross Catholic Outreach Christmas Catalog. Simply browse through the categories and choose an item within your budget and close to your heart, such as Emergency Aid Blankets or Powdered Milk for Babies. Select and sponsor one or more of these gifts, and you’ll be making a meaningful impact on the life of a needy child or family overseas. It’s that simple!

Blessing the poor happens year-round. Some gifts in our Christmas Catalog are sourced locally, so there is no need to worry about international shipping. For items that require shipping, Cross Catholic Outreach works with partners in every country we serve to ensure Christmas Catalog gifts are delivered in a timely fashion.

You may give on behalf of a friend or a loved one! Simply complete the checkout process and then print this certificate. Add in your loved one’s name to let them know that a Christmas gift has been made in their honor to serve the poor.

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Cross Catholic Outreach

Our mission is to mobilize the global Catholic Church to transform the poor and their communities materially and spiritually for the glory of Jesus Christ. Your gift empowers us to serve the poorest of the poor by channeling life-changing aid through an international network of dioceses, parishes and Catholic missionaries. This cost-effective approach helps break the cycle of poverty and advance Catholic evangelization.

If you identify an aid project, 100% of the donation will be restricted to be used for that specific project. However, if more is raised for the project than needed, funds will be redirected to other urgent needs in the ministry.