Delivering Food and Hope to Families in Great Need

During the season of Advent, Cross Catholic Outreach needs your support to feed our poorest brothers and sisters. Every day, millions of people in developing nations struggle to put food on the table. Children suffer from malnutrition and go to bed hungry – sometimes without having even a morsel of food throughout the day.

Your gift of compassion through Cross Catholic Outreach will provide these hungry families with life-sustaining food while preparing your heart to celebrate the birth of our Lord at Christmas.

Prayers for Help in Kobonal

One of our ministry partners, Father Glenn Meaux, is a hardworking and faithful servant who has put his life completely in God’s hands to care for the poor in Haiti.

The Kobonal Haiti Mission has shown the love of Christ by delivering food, shelter and the sacraments for 30 years. But falling short of resources is a constant concern for Fr. Meaux – and the families who depend on his ministry for survival. Fr. Meaux prays that help will come from people of faith who recognize the suffering of the families he serves.


Emergency Food: The Difference Between Starvation and Survival

Impoverished people around the globe depend on emergency food programs to feed their families.

They pray that your help will continue.

Your Gift of Just $18 Can Feed Their Family for an Entire Month!

Your gift stretches far to do a great good in the developing world. This ministry that provides urgently needed food staples – such as cornmeal, beans and cooking oil – can feed a family for only $18 a month.

Feed a Family for Two Months


Feed a Family for Three Months


Feed a Family for One Year


Give a Desperately Needed Gift This Christmas

Prepare your heart to experience deep joy this Christmas knowing that your generosity will save lives. Your gift will make time with family and friends even sweeter. And the reason for the season – the birth of our Lord – will seem richer in meaning than ever before.

Your lifesaving gift will bring Christmas JOY to the destitute. We can serve Christ by serving our poorest brothers and sisters and at the Kobonal Haiti Mission and other Catholic-led programs where together we are feeding the world’s poor.

Please join us in bringing Christmas JOY to struggling families. And may your generosity in Jesus’ name bring you great joy this Advent.